Country Groups

NIST country groups are a community within a community. These groups are a great way to connect and find additional support and network with other NIST families who share similar languages and cultural backgrounds. The main intention of a country group is to allow representation at school during events such as Starry Nights and your own country’s celebration days.

How country groups decide to organize themselves and how often they meet is entirely up to the volunteer representative (or co-representatives). Some arrange regular monthly lunches, some only meet when organizing an event, and others go as far as having their own evening socials. Country group representation is a voluntary role, and each group’s representative engages the community through organizing the group and communicating with others. Each group can consist of multiple countries and may some language groups into one.

The country group representatives work closely with the school and NIPTA to organize social and cultural events on behalf of their country groups. These events are an amazing opportunity for parents to showcase to the NIST students their own culture and traditions that are celebrated.

Please contact for more information, or contact a country group representative that represents your country or language to learn more about their activities.