We are always pleased to receive interest from highly qualified applicants. All inquiries must be sent to employment@nist.ac.th. Please be sure to include a CV/résumé (PDF) and an indication of any recruitment fairs (e.g., Search Associates) with which you are registered.

NIST is an ambitious school with a mission to do our best for every student. We have a focus on achievement in the broadest sense, and collaborative and inquiry-based approaches are expected features in classrooms and also within the professional life of the school. Contribution to the broader life and activities of the community is important to us, as is an open mind and a commitment to professional learning.


Child Protection & Safeguarding NIST

In addition to hiring great people, NIST is also mindful of our commitment to providing an excellent international education in a safe and caring learning environment. In 2015 we began to work with Keeping Children Safe to further improve our child protection policies and procedures.

Therefore, we require anyone wishing to join our professional community to provide accurate screening information, including criminal background checks and information about their visa, study, health and work history, as well as any aspects of their past or profile that could affect the reputation of NIST or the wellbeing of those already in the school.


Current Openings

Please note that most positions for the 2016-2017 academic year have been filled. However, as we continue to assess our needs, positions will be continue to be listed. We encourage interested applicants to regularly check for updates.