Where do I find information about school events and my child’s classes?

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NIST uses several online systems to provide information for both parents and students. In addition to the main website and the Portal, the following sites will be invaluable for you in keeping up to date with our community:

  • Veracross allows parents and students to check on attendance, grades and report cards, and also allows parents to update family information. The system is used to arrange sign ups for extra-curricular activities, parent teacher conferences, online enrollment and re-enrollment. The family calendar in Veracross is tailored to you and your family. Every new parent will receive a welcome email with your Veracross login information, which will also be used for the NIST Catering Campus Online and the Portal System.
  • The NIST Link is a blog that provides daily updates for parents and students. It can be customized to your interests by selecting the types of posts you would like to see from the main menu. The Links menu section also connects you to the elementary class blogs and others within the community.
  • The Portal System is a repository where many secondary curriculum documents are housed. It is a learning management system for secondary classes, though it is currently being phased out.
  • The NIST Resources hosts many essential documents, including the parent handbooks and other comprehensive sources of information. These documents provide insight into policies, procedures and guidelines for both students and parents.
  • The NIST Facebook page provides general updates that are not as comprehensive as those found in Veracross or The NIST Link. However, it provides a good view into the vibrant NIST community and allows you to interact with other members of the community online.
  • Zenfolio hosts all of our school photos and are accessible to all members of the community.