Step 1: Gather the Necessary Documents & Information

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Completing the online application form is only possible when you have prepared electronic copies of the following documents. The specific format for each is specified below, and must be uploaded as attachments when applying. Please note that Thai nationals should also submit a copy of your child’s Thai birth certificate.

If you are unsure of which the year level you should select for your child when you apply, consult our age/year level equivalents, which show how the NIST year levels correspond to differing ages and national curricula.

Year 12 Applicant Information 

The Year 12 Application Information form must be completed and uploaded with the online application for year 12 applicants so we know which subjects you are interested in studying.


Recommendation FormsOnly the form(s) for the year to which your child is applying should be completed. These forms can only be accepted directly from the school completing them, and can be sent after the online application is submitted.

Medical InformationThe student medical form must be completed and uploaded with the online application. The immunization record can be uploaded to the online application or submitted at the time of enrollment.
School RecordsMust include the current school year report cards (to date) and the report cards for the previous two years. Copies of any standardized achievement results (e.g., IOWA, PSAT, MAPS, ISA, etc.) should also be submitted. All of these documents must be in PDF format.
Additional Records (if applicable)Any documentation relating to special services your child is receiving or has received in the past. This may include IEPs/ISPs, educational or psychological evaluations, speech and language reports, OT reports, etc. (PDF or DOC).
Passport ScansCopies of the passports for each applicant and his/her parent(s) (PDF or JPEG).
Digital PhotosOne high quality passport-sized digital photo for each applicant and his/her parent(s) (JPEG: 120 x 160 pixels). Please do not upload the scan of your passport in the photo section. Here is an example with appropriate size and placement.
Legal DocumentsFor foreign applicants, a copy of the Thai visa of each family member and work permit if applicable. (PDF or JPEG) We understand that this may follow at a later date.