The 10,000 Book Challenge

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10000 Book Challenge Graphic775 students. 25 days. 10,000 books.

Though it may feel like the end of the year always brings a period of quiet, our elementary students are just getting started as they gear up for another challenge. In the last month of school, they’ve challenged themselves to read a total of 10,000 books! Whether it’s at school, at home on the bus or under the shade of a tree, they will be reading as many books as they can in any language.

Students will be keep track of the number of books they read each day and report the total to their teachers. They can try other individual Reading ROX challenges online, and classes and year levels are also taking on each other, aiming to add the most to the total. Check back here to see the progress of our students as they tackle 10,000 books!

10000 Book Challenge Results

Why Is Reading Important?

Regular reading is one of the strongest predictors of positive academic performance, and the more children are exposed to language-rich environments, the greater the effect. Children who read for pleasure develop their language abilities faster, communicate more effectively and, most importantly, acquire a love of reading that carries forward as they grow older.

In addition to decades of research demonstrating the positive correlations between regular reading and greater academic and emotional stability, more recent studies have demonstrated that scientific evidence exists showing that reading directly impacts creativity.