2014-2015 Falcon Sports in Review

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Last year’s sports results marked a high point for the Falcon athletes, with over 50 championships and just as many top three trophies earned throughout the season. The 2014-2015 Falcon teams did not match that number.

They exceeded it.

Following the 28 weekend sports tournaments hosted here at NIST and many others across Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Falcons amassed 55 team and individual championships, and even more second and third place trophies. Their dominance in both BISAC and SEASAC events was so absolute that they earned the top overall SEASAC ranking in sports in which they participated.

However, as celebrated at the annual sports banquets, the weight of these accomplishments pales next to the tenacity, commitment and personal growth every athlete has demonstrated throughout the year. Over the past several years, NIST has worked hard to provide opportunities for all students to challenge themselves through sporting opportunities, whether in competitive sports or recreational programmes such as the Falcon Sports Development Programme.

The pride in being a Falcon is not only in a trophy. It’s in the dedication to teammates, the grace shown to opponents in both wins and losses, and the willingness to work through adversity. We are proud of all of our players for the courage it takes to simply challenge themselves. Thanks to them, and to all of our coaches, parents and supporters for another amazing year.

Go Falcons!


SEASAC Championships

U19 Girls VolleyballGirls Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 4: Pannin Reanchareonsuk
U19 Boys BasketballBoys Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 3: Fuga Nomura
U19 Girls Softball12 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U19 Boys SoftballSwimming Individual – 400m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Pattapan (B)
U19 Girls BadmintonSwimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 200m Breastroke: Tharit Lee
U19 Boys Badminton (Division 2)Swimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Yuta Inoue


BISAC Championships

U19 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Alyssa Thai
U19 Girls VolleyballBoys Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Benjamin Godfrey
U15 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior All-Around: Praan Kulnides
U17 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 2 Senior All-Around: Chanya Markels
U19 Boys TennisBoys Gymnastics Level 3 All-Around: Fuga Nomura
U15 Girls TennisGirls Gymnastics Level 5 All-Around: Jasmine Tantituvanont
U19 Boys SoftballOverall School Team Swimming
U19 Girls SoftballJunior Team Swimming
U13 Boys Softball8 & Under Boys Swimming Team
U19 Girls Badminton9 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U15 Girls Badminton10 Years Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Basketball10 Years Girls Swimming Team
U17 Boys Soccer11 & 12 Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Soccer11 & 12 Girls Swimming Team
Girls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior8 & Under Boys Individual Swimming: Liam Watanabe France
Girls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior11 – 12 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Aim (Ruthairatch) Poonsornsiri
Girls Gymnastics Level 410 Year Old Girls Individual Swimming: Nam-Yen (Prin) Sriprasertying
Girls Gymnastics Level 513 – 14 Year Boys Individual Swimming: Tharit Lee
Boys Gymnastics Level 513 – 14 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Masako Leegomonchai


Falcon Young Fencer Invitational Championships

Overall Team

U12 Girls: Natwadee (Miya) Limpi-Angkanan

U17 Girls: Ratchapa (Susie) Chongthaweephol

U17 Boys: Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon