2015-2016 Campus Development

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Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful summer, and that you are as excited about the new semester as we are. With the completion of renovations in Buildings 2 and 3, we have almost completely transformed the NIST campus through projects that began over a decade ago. Building 1, the last of the original structures, is now being renovated, which means we must relocate the main entrance and administrative offices for the 2015-2016 school year. In order to ensure that life at NIST continues as smoothly as possible for you and your family, please review the changes that have taken place.

Arrival & Departure Changes

The main entrance has been shifted to the opposite side of the parking lot, between the Creative Arts Building (CAB) and Secondary Building. The turnstiles are in place, and your NIST ID can be used as usual when entering or exiting the campus. Please note that footpaths have been designated in bright blue on the map below to show the routes for those walking to and from the school. For those who drive or bike, extra parking has been created in the lot across from the campus.

Additionally, a waiting area has been created near the old entrance for nannies and drivers who remain at the campus while students are in classes. As indicated on the overhead campus map, the entire area surrounding Building 1 has been closed off with the Great Wall of NIST, and access is only available to construction staff.

NIST 2015-2016 Entrance & Parking


Building & Room Changes

Building 2 is the home of the new World Languages Centre (WLC). Designed collaboratively between staff, students and professional architects, the rooms and collaborative spaces reflect our understanding of the effect environment plays in learning. The WLC features large windows that bring in natural light; soft, soothing colors; and natural wood furniture, as well as cushioned spaces where students can relax or work. Flexible in nature, the classrooms can be separated or joined with dividers and are equipped with sound-dampening materials. Like our Elementary Building, there are no doors, creating a welcoming feel.

Building 3’s highlight is the Mechai Elementary Library. Similar to the World Languages Centre, one goal of the library was creating open spaces that encourage community. In addition to reading nooks, a mini-amphitheatre and cafe, spaces for reading, relaxing and working are provided on the large patio area overlooking the playground. Recognizing that the nature of information access has fundamentally changed through technology, the new library also balances traditional media with more contemporary approaches.



Additional Renovations

  • Phase II of the FlyNow Elementary Playground and EY Playground development is now complete, and the shade covering has been replaced.
  • The basketball court adjacent to The Oval has been completely remodeled.
  • Landscape flooring in various locations around the entire campus has been completed.
  • Select classrooms in several buildings have undergone minor work, including the addition of projector screens, new furniture, etc.
  • The Makerspace in the Elementary Building has been completely remodeled.
  • Additional safety measures have been added, including a fence on the roof of The Hub and wall cladding in the 5th floor gymnasium, and the upgrading of our CCTV system.
  • A new office has been created in the Sports Complex for the Chelsea FC coaches who will be permanently located at the school.