NIST Executive School Board

Each year at the annual NIST Foundation Retreat, the members of the foundation vote to appoint an Executive School Board to oversee NIST and ensure our continued growth. In addition to oversight of the school’s operations, together with NIST Foundation members, the board forms committees to support particular areas.

NIST Executive School Board

  • Mr. Prabsharan Thakral (Board Chair)
  • Ms. Narawadee Bualert (Parent Representative)
  • Ms. Angkana Uthaisangchai (Member)
  • Mr. Bruce Hemmingsen (Member)
  • Mr. Krisada Lamsam (Member)
  • Ms. Pornpan Chayasunthorn (Member)
  • Mr. Quentin Job (Member)
  • Mr. Tanon Tantisunthorn (Member)
  • Mr. William Angus Kent (Member)
  • Mr. Brett Penny (Staff Representative)
  • Ms. Poonam Sachdev (Member & Secretary)


Campus Development Committee

The role of the Campus Development Committee function is to develop and implement a master plan for the rebuilding and refurbishment of the NIST campus to ensure the future needs of the school are met. The committee oversees the planning and procurement of all projects over one million Thai baht before submission to the NIST Executive Board for final approval, and also monitors the repair and maintenance schedule. 


Communications and Fundraising Committee

The role of the Communications & Fundraising Committee is to ensure that NIST has a comprehensive plan for reputation management and fundraising, particularly by cultivating relationships in and outside the community. The committee seeks to understand trends in the local and global international school markets to guide NIST’s continued growth.


Finance Committee

The role of the Finance Committee is to oversee the school’s financial performance to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of NIST. The committee also has responsibility for oversight of the financial control environment and the determination of optimal financing for campus development projects, review of the annual budget prepared by NIST leadership and recommendations for annual fee increases for consideration by the NIST Executive Board and NIST Foundation.


HR & Policies Committee

The role of the Human Resources & Policies Committee is to oversee all of the school’s policies and practices as they pertain to the recruitment, remuneration, retention and development of faculty and staff. Additionally, the committee analyzes market trends and considers the future needs of the school to ensure that it remains competitive within an international market, while also assuming responsibility for the annual appraisal of the Head of School and the self-evaluation of the NIST Executive Board.


Strategic Development Committee

The role of the Strategic Development Committee is to work with the Head of School and senior leadership in developing and maintaining the school’s strategic plan, and review the plan on an annual basis to ensure that progress is made in reaching objectives, goals and measures. The committee identifies and monitors trends in education, employment and society to ascertain the future needs of the school.