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Academic Performance

IB Results (2023)


Average IB Diploma Score (Out of 45)

(worldwide average - 30)


Top IB Score

4 Students


Percentage Earning Bilingual Diploma


Pass Rate

Percentage Achieving 40+ Points 26%

Percentage Achieving 35+ Points 61%

IB Diploma Exam Results

As an IB World School, NIST offers students in Years 12-13 the opportunity to pursue the IB Diploma, a high school qualification that is recognised by universities around the world. All students who choose to pursue the diploma must take the standardised IB examinations, administered by the IB.

NIST students have traditionally excelled in these exams, posting scores well above the global averages, and often leading other schools in the region.

Average Diploma Score - NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand
NIST International School Bangkok - Academic Profile 2023-2024

Our School Profile

Highlighting key data from the past year, our academic profile is submitted to universities to provide context for applications from NIST students.


SAT Exam Results

CollegeBoard SAT

The SAT is a standardised examination offered to college-bound students worldwide, and a SAT score is required by many universities in order to complete the admissions process. Global averages remain relatively consistent at approximately 530 in each area. NIST seniors consistently outperform these averages in both math and reading.

  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 5 YEAR AVERAGE
NIST Reading & Writing Average 620 630 640 670 660 644
Global Reading & Writing Average 536 531 528 533 690 564
NIST Math Average 640 650 660 710 528 638
Global Math Average 531 528 523 528 523 527

Two-Year University Matriculation

At NIST we begin the college guidance process in students’ first year of high school and work closely with them to select universities that are a good match. The guidance programme includes dozens of visits from university representatives each year; information sessions for students and parents; and a clear, transparent process that allows universities to trust that they are receiving serious applications from our students.

As a result of this careful planning, NIST students have been accepted to every one of the top 100 universities worldwide, and NIST alumni can be found in dozens of countries around the globe. However, acceptances are often contingent on test scores or performance, as well as the intention of the student to actually attend institutions to which they apply. A more accurate measure of a school’s success is the actual matriculation, or enrollment, of its graduates. Members of the Classes of 2022 to 2023 currently attend the following universities. (Multiple graduates attend the institutions in bold.)

Academic Performance - Graduation 2023