Our community has cultivated a well-deserved reputation for excellence in academics over the past two decades. Being the first full International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Thailand and a frequent early adopter of programme developments, NIST enjoys an unparalleled relationship with the IB, remaining at the forefront of progressive, research-based teaching and learning.

While most Bangkok international school curricula represent specific national approaches, the IB is a truly international curriculum framework that offers a complete continuum of learning to students from early childhood to high school. Through its focus on inquiry-based learning it provides children with the knowledge, skills and integrity that are necessary for success in an increasingly diverse, interconnected world.

We offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) as the core of our curriculum. These programmes are enhanced through our own subject content and instruction, Upon completing their studies in the DP, our students have consistently scored well above global and national averages in the IB diploma examinations, and have developed into engaged, global-minded individuals.


Pathways for Every Child

While the IB framework and principles serve as the heart of our programme, academics at NIST are supplemented by additional instruction in languages, the arts, design, technology and service. Through extensive student support systems, every student at NIST receives individual guidance in developing their unique strengths and passions.

Upon beginning Year 12, students may choose to pursue the full IB diploma, individual IB courses, or a combination of IB and NIST courses. Through formal reflections and work outside the classroom, they can also pursue the Global Citizen Diploma. Though all students who successfully complete their final year receive the NIST High School Diploma, through these pathways they can also distinguish themselves from their peers around the globe by earning individual IB certificates, an IB diploma and the Global Citizen Diploma.


Unique Learning Opportunities

Children learn best in an environment in which they are challenged according to their distinct interests and abilities. We strongly believe that modern schools cannot accomplish this solely through standardized programmes and curricula. In order to ensure that we can offer something to each and every student, we develop our own specialized programmes and also partner with top organizations worldwide to offer our students opportunities that they may not receive at other Bangkok international schools:

  • NIST X: Encompassing several activities and programmes that take place outside the classroom, NIST’s Experiential Education Programme (NIST X) aims to help students develop key traits and skills that have been identified as crucial to success in university and beyond.
  • Global Citizen Diploma: This optional qualification can be earned alongside the NIST High School Diploma and IB Diploma to highlight students’ accomplishments in the university admissions process.
  • Chelsea FC NIST Football Programme: NIST serves as the home for Chelsea Football Club’s International Development Centre in Bangkok. Chelsea coaches provide a large array of professional coaching for the NIST community, as well as opportunities for the larger Bangkok community.
  • Jr. NBA: Each summer the National Basketball Association hosts Thailand’s Jr. NBA programme at NIST. Beyond encouraging physical health, this programme helps children develop skills and positive attitudes.