NIST High School Courses

Though NIST encourages all students to pursue the IB Diploma Programme (DP), we also also believe in providing as many unique opportunities to students as possible. This includes our own high school courses that complement the DP and provide the option of an alternate pathway for students who do not want to pursue the full DP.

All of the NIST High School Courses available can be taken in conjunction with IB courses in areas of strength or interest, and provide a grade point average equivalence used for college or university acceptance. Additionally, they reinforce essential concepts and skills that can be applied both in and out of the classroom. The courses are open to all year 12 and year 13 students and provide further opportunity for students to have a challenging, engaging and successful education at NIST.

Several key features distinguish our high school courses:

  • The courses are academically rigorous
  • Assessment is project and skills-based
  • Completion of the CAS programme is required
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the extended essay are optional
  • 3 higher level (HL) subjects are not required

The progress of students in all year levels is internally based on published criteria. As is the case with the full DP, parents are kept informed of progress through reports, parent/teacher conferences and information evenings.