Student Teacher Education Programme

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.

– Scott Hayden

The Student Teacher Education Program (STEP) is a student apprenticeship programme at NIST where high school students (Years 10-13) can experience and explore education as a career path. With the help of a teacher mentor, STEP students plan, organize, and conduct lessons to elementary classes in Years 4 through 6 as a student teacher. Whereas student teaching usually occurs towards the end of a university course, STEP offers NIST students a similar experience customized to fit the needs of high school students, helping them understand the role of the educator. The programme strives to cultivate leaders with a passion and commitment toward future education, all while enriching our community here at NIST.


The Inception of STEP

In 2015 NIST hosted its first TEDxYouth event, where a group of students spoke of their interests and passions to a diverse and international audience. One particular talk lead to the creation of STEP as an official programme here at NIST: A Call to Teachers. Kengo Shigeta (Class of 2017) advocated for teachers’ personal interest and care for student development, and promoted improvement in education for schools all around the globe. Staying true to the NIST theme of “walk the talk”, Kengo took this matter into his own hands to found a programme with the aim of improving the education of both primary and secondary school students in his immediate community. In a school abundant with excellent educators, STEP strives to further enrich the student teachers already present within our own community.


STEP & the Global Citizenship Diploma

STEP also ties in closely with the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD). The GCD is an optional qualification offered at NIST that complements the IB Diploma and NIST High School Diploma. The GCD offers students the opportunity to reflect upon and showcase their individual accomplishments beyond their academic achievements, and thus offers universities a more holistic view of NIST students. STEP offers GCD candidates a means of achieving several different qualifications needed for the completion of the diploma. The practice of skills such as leadership, community engagement, management and public speaking attained through being a student teacher allows GCD candidates to apply their STEP experience to a wide range of categories.


STEP in Action