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Conditions of Acceptance

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Conditions of Acceptance

Enrollment at NIST International School (“the School”) in Bangkok is contingent on signed agreement to our conditions of acceptance:

A. Indemnity

I agree to my child participating in any educational activities arranged by the School, including any required field trips in or outside of Bangkok. In the event of injury to my child or damage to the property of my child while they are participating in such activities, while on the School premises, or while being transported to or from the School, I will not hold the School or any member of the School staff responsible. The School will, in the event of an emergency, make every effort to contact the parents. If this is not possible, the child will be taken either to their family doctor, or to a suitable hospital for treatment.

B. Annual Fee Review

NIST is a not-for-profit organization, and the NIST Executive School Board reserves the right to set the fee schedule each year to cover anticipated costs. When planning for their child’s education, parents are advised to allow for future adjustments in the fee structure.

C. Education Needs

It is understood that continued enrollment in the School will be in doubt in instances where the further educational opportunities offered by the school would not meet the specific needs of the student.

D. Drug Policy

I understand that NIST is a drug-free school, and I will notify the school if my child has been, or is, involved in substance abuse. NIST takes incidents of substance use or abuse seriously. In order to maintain a drug-free environment, the School may require a student to undergo a drug test at any time. Any such test is administered in accordance with the School’s drug policy, and results are kept confidential.

E. Online Guidelines

Similar to other leading international schools, NIST often interacts online within our community and with the worldwide community of learners. This specifically means that the School, your child’s teachers, or your child will post information or photos on NIST and non-NIST websites for educational purposes. The full NIST Privacy Policy Disclosure is available here on the NIST website.

F. School Rules & Regulations

It is understood that when a student is accepted for enrollment in the School, the student and the parents agree to comply with the School rules and regulations.

G. Disciplinary Action

The person completing this application, who is the legal parent or guardian hereby acknowledges and agrees that the School has the right to apply a uniform set of disciplinary procedures and policies for both the elementary and secondary levels at NIST. Such policies may include (without limitation) suspension and/or expulsion from NIST for repeated and/or serious offenses which include (but are not limited to) immoral acts, and behavior that does or is reasonably likely to result in harm to other students or my child.

H. Other Terms
  1. The school reserves the right to apply, without notice, any and all funds received and any deposit or fees in settlement of any outstanding or arrears owed to the school, even if such funds or fees are identified by the payer or Parent for another invoice. In the event that the deposit is used, the Parent shall be required to promptly reimburse the school within three business days in an amount equal to the amount set off.
  2. The school reserves the right to withhold transcripts, certificates or other documents for so long as the Parent or student owes any outstanding amounts to the school.
  3. The school reserves the right to prohibit any student who has unpaid fees from attending classes until such fees, including interest, are paid in full.

I. Fees

All fees must be paid prior to the student entering the school. NIST will not refund fees if the student leaves the School prior to the end of a semester. The current school fees can be found here on the NIST website.

J. Student Placement

NIST reserves the right to determine the placement of the student in the year level most appropriate for the student’s school experience and age.

K. References

NIST is authorized to obtain school transcripts and recommendations from previous schools.

L. Sibling Placement

NIST does not guarantee sibling placement.

M. False Information

NIST will nullify any application in which false information is provided.


By completing this application, I agree with all clauses stated above and to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided in the application is true. I understand that any deliberate misinformation or misrepresentation of actual facts in this application is grounds for NIST International School to rescind the application without refund.

Our Aspiration, NIST International School in Bangkok

Our Aspiration

We strive to expand traditional models of education, to foster principled, good people who will flourish throughout their lives and in turn make a positive impact in the world.

Welcome to NIST International School

As the first and only full, not-for-profit International Baccalaureate (IB) international school in Bangkok, we inspire and empower individual excellence, and enrich lives.
Welcome to NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand

Book a School Tour

We encourage all families to make an appointment to tour the school. Your visit will offer you a unique view into our community and allow us to provide more in-depth information in order to help you make the best educational decision for your family.

Joining the NIST Community

Selecting a school can be a difficult decision for families, and we hope to work with you to help you make the right choice. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

The IB Mission at NIST Internation School in Bangkok

The IB Mission

The International Baccalaureate does not represent only a curriculum, but also a mission to transform the world through education by fostering thoughtful, principled learners.

An Education that Inspires & Enriches

Though we have cultivated a reputation for excellence in academics, we believe education is inextricably tied to wellbeing, character and action. Through learning comes joy.

A Lasting Impact, Service Learning at NIST International School in Bangkok

A Lasting Impact

Many of our alumni go on to work for NGOs and non-profits, become activists and reformers, and even create their own social enterprises.

Transforming Lives through Service

We believe service must be woven into the fabric of our learning, not as single projects or donations, but rather as the core means through which we translate learning into sustained action.
The NIST Falcons

The NIST Falcons

Our Falcons athletes participate in over a dozen competitive sports, from basketball and volleyball to gymnastics and fencing, with other schools around Bangkok and Southeast Asia.

Opportunities beyond the Classroom

We grow when pushed beyond our perceived limits. The NIST Activities Programme offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves through more than 300 activities, including sports, the arts, technology and more.

We believe in the power of education

International & Inclusive

As one of the most diverse international schools in Thailand, we seek to be inclusive and value difference as a catalyst for individual and collective growth.

A Vibrant Community Built on Shared Values

"Respectful, healthy, ethical relationships and interactions create a true sense of community at NIST."
(2018 NEASC Accreditation Report)

Contact NIST International School in Bangkok

Our Campus

Nestled in Bangkok's central business district, the NIST campus sits in close proximity to Asok BTS Station, and Sukhumvit and Petchaburi MRT Stations.

Get in Touch

We welcome all inquiries, whether you wish to enroll your child at NIST, apply for a position or partner with us.

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