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Year Level Conversions

Year Level Conversion

We know when moving between countries, regions or curriculums it is important to find the right grade level.

Students joining NIST’s Early Years or elementary Primary Years Programme (PYP) are placed in year levels based on their age as we believe this not only grows their academic experience, but benefits their social and emotional development. It is important children have the opportunity to interact with peers their own age, we believe the  social and emotional development gained, plays an important role in their learning and helps them flourish independent of their academic ability.

Students joining NIST during the secondary years, in the MYP or DP programme, will be placed according to their age and academic year level. Our Admissions Committee will consider the full application when offering a placement, taking into account school records, reports and recommendations.

Please review the Year Level Conversion Chart, below, that is appropriate to your preferred entry year. If you have any questions, please contact or complete the Inquire form linked below.