AuctioNIST: Bid to Build

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On Saturday, 9 May, NIST International School hosted its inaugural auction fundraising event, AuctioNIST. With an array of splendid art pieces available to suit all palates and prices, the evening included canapés, wine and the opportunity to win fabulous door prizes. Dozens of beautiful pieces produced by students, staff, parents and friends of NIST were available, and proceeds from both the online auction and live event were put toward a good cause: the acquisition of resources for our new libraries and World Languages Centre, and support for the NIST Development Bank (NDB).

The NDB is a student-run organization that supports development projects in Thailand and around Southeast Asia. Using a microfinance model, it funds service groups and projects that directly impact the lives of those living in communities in need. With their support, NIST students have applied needs analysis tools to projects in Maeramit, Omgoi and Knapor, Cambodia. This has led to significant improvements in the quality of life for those villages.

AuctioNIST was the first fundraising event targeted specifically at generating learning resources at NIST that can be used to support other communities around the nation, both through the NDB and through learning materials that support the service learning philosophy.

In addition to artwork from NIST students, parents and staff, several items were generously donated by well-known artists and organizations in the Bangkok community, including: