Players profit from expert coaching in Bangkok

by | Nov 3, 2017

Silverware and soccer coaching at the grassroots level were the theme of Friday in Bangkok for Chelsea. The venue for a day of top coaching and coach education in the city was the NIST International School, which is the home of Chelsea’s International Development Centre in Bangkok. Over 40 NIST and Bangkok Sports School players took part, under the expert guidance of Chelsea FC Foundation coaches.

In the evening at a coach education workshop, over 200 local grassroots coaches attended and on this occasion, our coaches facilitated a workshop and practical session focusing on ‘age-specific coaching’. They looked into the development of young players as they progress towards adulthood and how coaches should adapt style, practices and interventions accordingly.

This was a fantastic opportunity for coaches to explore and develop their understanding of the game with Chelsea’s International Development Centre in Bangkok, who are aiming to support the knowledge, understanding and development of all coaches in attendance.

The event was suitable for anyone looking to develop their understanding and expertise of football coaching at any level, and benefited both staff and students alike.

Not only did the coaches learn from participating in the workshop, they also had an opportunity to have their picture taken with the Premier League trophy, and they were not the only ones today!

Earlier on Friday, Chelsea’s connected venue partner Ericsson hosted an event at which the famous trophy was the star attraction and to which were invited hundreds of staff and clients.

Ericsson commemorates their 111th anniversary in Thailand in 2017 and continues to transform the country into a truly networked society.

Nadine Allen, president of Ericsson Thailand, said at the event: ‘Ericsson is a proud partner of Chelsea Football Club, the reigning English Premier League champions and like Chelsea, we enjoy being leaders in our field. Ericsson Thailand staff were delighted to have the opportunity to experience up close the EPL trophy as part of a special series of partners events held by Chelsea in Bangkok.’