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A Remarkable Class in an Remarkable Year

On 28 September 2017, three students walked onto the NIST stage, shook hands with Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and began telling the stories of their service groups. The youngest of the trio, a soft-spoken student in his first year of high school, described the vision of Plastic Free NIST, their alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how collectively our actions can truly make a difference. The service group he described was one he and several classmates had created nearly three years earlier, and their advocacy drove our school to change our practices in environmental sustainability.

That moment on stage captures just one of the many memorable stories of the truly unique Class of 2021. From their time in elementary and middle school to their last days as NIST students, their determination, curiosity for learning and passion for improving lives has emerged again and again. Even as their final two years in the Diploma Programme transitioned between in-school and online learning, their positive spirit and focus on all they could be grateful for—rather than on that which they had lost—demonstrated a maturity and commitment to our community’s values far beyond their years.

One of their many “losses” along the way was the missed opportunity in writing the IB exams. However, the Class of 2021 again proved themselves exceptional even in a year in which global IB results set new records. Their average score of 37.8 represents the highest in NIST’s history, and an incredible eight students earned a perfect score of 45. Highlighting their diversity and commitment to internationalism, 58.6% earned a bilingual diploma, more than double the typical global average.

NIST Class of 2021 IB Exam Results


Pass Rate


Scores of 40+

Average Score


Scores of 35+

Perfect Scores (45)


Bilingual Diplomas

That same diversity emerges through their planned studies beyond NIST. Those who have already accepted offers will attend a wide range of institutions in 15 countries on five continents, and even more varied majors. From computer science at Cornell University and econometrics & operations research at Tilburg University to drama & theatre studies at Trinity College Dublin and mechatronics engineering at the University of Melbourne to clinical psychology at Comillas Pontifical University and law at National University of Singapore, the list of destinations represents the full breadth of learning.

While 24% and 56% of the Class of 2021 will be attending top 25 and top 100 universities respectively, we’re even prouder of the fact that each student has committed to pursuing their own path in an effort to positively impact others. Whether dreaming of being on stage and screen, coding apps and software, or introducing new models of sustainable business, our newest graduates carry with them a commitment to making the world a better place.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, their families and friends, and all those who have supported them in their journey through NIST.

Our Aspiration, NIST International School in Bangkok

Our Aspiration

We strive to expand traditional models of education, to foster principled, good people who will flourish throughout their lives and in turn make a positive impact in the world.

Welcome to NIST International School

As the first and only full, not-for-profit International Baccalaureate (IB) international school in Bangkok, we inspire and empower individual excellence, and enrich lives.
Welcome to NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand

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Selecting a school can be a difficult decision for families, and we hope to work with you to help you make the right choice. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

The IB Mission at NIST Internation School in Bangkok

The IB Mission

The International Baccalaureate does not represent only a curriculum, but also a mission to transform the world through education by fostering thoughtful, principled learners.

An Education that Inspires & Enriches

Though we have cultivated a reputation for excellence in academics, we believe education is inextricably tied to wellbeing, character and action. Through learning comes joy.

A Lasting Impact, Service Learning at NIST International School in Bangkok

A Lasting Impact

Many of our alumni go on to work for NGOs and non-profits, become activists and reformers, and even create their own social enterprises.

Transforming Lives through Service

We believe service must be woven into the fabric of our learning, not as single projects or donations, but rather as the core means through which we translate learning into sustained action.
The NIST Falcons

The NIST Falcons

Our Falcons athletes participate in over a dozen competitive sports, from basketball and volleyball to gymnastics and fencing, with other schools around Bangkok and Southeast Asia.

Opportunities beyond the Classroom

We grow when pushed beyond our perceived limits. The NIST Activities Programme offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves through more than 300 activities, including sports, the arts, technology and more.

We believe in the power of education

International & Inclusive

As one of the most diverse international schools in Thailand, we seek to be inclusive and value difference as a catalyst for individual and collective growth.

A Vibrant Community Built on Shared Values

"Respectful, healthy, ethical relationships and interactions create a true sense of community at NIST."
(2018 NEASC Accreditation Report)

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