Our Community

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

– Allan Bloom

We believe in the power of education.

All of the members of the NIST community, past and present, see education as a force that can enlighten and transform. Through learning we grow individually and collectively, and have the opportunity to positively impact those around us. This belief permeates our school, and for over two decades, thousands of NIST parents and students, and hundreds of teachers, have carried it with them around the globe.

Beyond what happens in the classroom, we strive to create an safe environment that enables all members of our community to explore their passions, learn and grow as individuals. We are fortunate to have an active parent community, represented by the NIST Parent-Teacher Association, and passionate staff who work with colleagues around the world.

In every aspect of our community’s culture, we seek excellence, from NIST Catering to our transportation. In doing so we ensure that our school continues to evolve as a model of 21st century learning.


Diverse & International

The ability to communicate and work with others from differing backgrounds and cultures is one of the most highly sought skills in the global workplace. In the Bangkok international school community, students come from nearly every nation around the globe, and NIST is no exception. Our highly diverse student body represents over 60 nationalities. While Thai students form the largest group at approximately 25.3%, we have significant populations of students from North America, Australia and Europe, as well as many from elsewhere in Asia, South America and Africa:


This diversity enables us to offer an expansive World Languages Programme, and provides our learning with a rich blend of traditions and perspectives. In line with the international philosophy of the IB, we encourage our students to become open-minded and reflective in their interactions with others. By sharing their experiences with peers from around the world, they gain valuable skills in collaboration, leadership and communication, enhancing our rigorous academic programme.