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NIST’s diverse and caring community is a source of pride. Our community is made up of students, staff, parents, alumni, and partners who bring the world to NIST through our varied life experiences, perspectives, and breadth of knowledge. Every day, through countless ways, members of the NIST community inspire, empower, enrich and support one another. 

We are a welcoming community that fosters a sense of belonging. Whether you have been here for days, weeks, years or decades, once you’re a NISTie you’re always a NISTie.


Community Voices

Olivier Hildebrand

NIST nurtures global citizens through an interdisciplinary, modern and conscientious education environment that prepares us for the challenges of the future.

Sento Ueoka

NIST is my second home, a cornucopia of opportunity available right at our fingertips.

Olivia Benson

Without NIST, I wouldn’t have found my feet in the bizarre industry of theatre and live events.

Cindy (Hsin-Yi) Chen

NIST fosters diversity, empowers changemakers, and cultivates a thriving community dedicated to global citizenship and sustainable impact.

Our Voices - Paniti & Nuttaya Junhasavasdikul, Parents

NIST’s faculty support led to our son’s academic success, fostering their critical thinking, creativity, empathy and global readiness.

Our Voices-Rachel Wu, Class of 2005

NIST fosters empathy and compassion, connecting people from diverse backgrounds, religions and cultures.

James Dykman

NIST: A grateful, thriving community where teachers and students grow together, supported by vibrant surroundings in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our Voice-Adam Crowe & Lauren Hateley-Crowe

NIST: A place where growth thrives, supported by exceptional educators and a holistic learning programme. Bangkok offers vibrant family experiences.

Our Voices-Padorn Wuwongse, Class of 2007


NIST molds caring, well-rounded individuals, nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills for life.

Harang Jung

NIST's care and support made the international move worthwhile. Valued colleagues, well-resourced school, and vibrant Bangkok offer abundant opportunities.

James Dykman

NIST: Diverse colleagues, exemplary language programme, inspiring environment. Bangkok offers vibrant experiences and endless possibilities.

why NIST is joy to so many in our community

With so many options available to families, choosing an international school in Bangkok can be challenging. We strive to offer something different: an experience that recognizes the crucial connections between wellbeing and learning, that appreciates and values every child, and that expands opportunities for ourselves and others.