2015-2017 NIST Giving Report

Brett Penny - Head of School at NIST International SchoolMessage from the Head of School

A community grows and flourishes only through the efforts and generous contributions of all within it. NIST is fortunate to have many benefactors who offer their time, expertise and financial support to provide our students with unique, world-class learning opportunities. This giving report, detailing the contributions to the NIST Giving Fund from 2015-2017, recognizes those individuals and also details the accumulative gifts that we have received since we began fundraising in 2000.

As the world continues to transform at a swift pace, schools must similarly adapt to provide the facilities, resources and teachers to prepare students for an uncertain future. All funds raised through the NIST Giving Fund and other events directly support this within our community. As an independent, not-for-profit school, we rely upon tuition income for staff and curriculum expenses. Donations allow us to develop more rapidly than would otherwise be possible, as funds can be allocated to support further projects and programmes.

The past two academic years have been particularly rewarding, with over 104 million Thai baht raised through the Education Fund in Commemoration of King Rama IX and the creation of the EA Learning Enrichment Fund, started through the generous donation of two parents and grown through the contributions of many more.

To learn about other ways in which you can support the NIST community, contact our Director of Development, Khun Supranee Taecharungroj, at supraneet@nist.ac.th. Thank you to all who have played a part in the extraordinary growth of our community, and we look forward to what the future will continue to bring.

Brett Penny, Head of School 

Why Give?

Each of us believes in something. Whether a cause, a principle, a person or an organization, it compels us to look beyond ourselves and contribute to something greater. At NIST we are fortunate to have a powerful force that connects us: learning. Education makes an impact far beyond the walls of a school, and our students apply their learning to bring about positive change in their communities. From our service learning activities to projects like the the Maeramit Development Group and FairNIST Coffee to our many unique learning opportunities, we strive to create a community that not only benefits your children, but also others around the globe.


Our 2015-2017 Donors

Anonymous (5)Ornkanya Pibuldham
Angeli SuwatthanaphimPacharamon Naphasthanakiat
Anna and Paul GamblesParichat Manomaiphibul
Apapan RaivaPhilip and Karina Patman
Beger Co., Ltd.Piya Sosothikul
Bovornrudee and Pisit PoonsornsiriPongpon and Jarujit Thubdimphun
Carrie ThompsonPornchai Boonvisuit and Siriwan Chaisiri
Chanettee ChatchalermwitRie Atagi
Dhanakorn KasetrsuwanSinghsachathet Family
FlyNow GroupSirimontaporn Family
James MacDonaldSitachai Jeeratunyaskul
Japanese Parent GroupSomika Preedawiphat
Jaspal Co., Ltd.Sorasak Kangsumrith and Naiyanut Mahathitirat
Karn AmornsiripanitchSrikuruwal Family
Katavut and Pennapa HosakulSujima Viravaidya
Kiattikhunphan FamilyTanon Tantisunthorn
Kirin and Sunita NarulaThai CC Club
Korean Parent AssociationThanate and Sireethorn Vachiraprakarnsakul
Korplarp ApaipakdiTherdsak and Krongjan Skulyong
Kritch and Nisarat ChairuangyothUSA & Canada Country Group
Lek and Wantana ThongthaiVarin and Sunantha Sachayansrisakul
Master Group Corporation (Asia) and Millennium Auto Co., Ltd.Varun Taepaisitphongse
Mati and Aomjit CharoensiriVitoon and Pimpisa Sila-On
Mondira MukherjeeWatha and Nasita Suteesopon
Narula Family (Sheraton Grande)Weeratos Simapichaicheth
NIPTAYear 6 Students (Class of 2022)

How NIST Invested Your Donations

In 2013, NIST embarked on an ambitious period of campus development that was divided into four phases. Phase I, the construction of The Hub, was completed in the summer of 2014. Phase II, the refurbishment of Buildings 1 and 2, was completed during the summer of 2015. Phase III, the renovation of Building 1, was finished by May 2016. We are now entering the fourth and final phase, which included ongoing consultation from Fielding Nair, a top educational architecture firm, to examine our entire campus footprint and identify the best ways to use and enhance our learning spaces.

Effect of Environment on Learning QuoteThis focus on campus development has enabled us to create facilities that directly impact student learning. Research increasingly points to the need to design learning environments to align to our understanding of student learning. As indicated in a report from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, this approach “understands the transactional relationship between learners and their learning environment and that sustainable design does not merely signify the integration of green principles, but rather how the learning environment – social and physical – can contribute to the development of the learner.”

The aim of each phase of campus development at NIST has thus not only been to construct new facilities and modernize existing buildings by making them more aesthetically attractive, but also to create environments that maximize the learning opportunities for all children at NIST. This includes the incorporation of technology, expansion of open learning spaces, and effective utilization of space and light. Due to this focus on developing the NIST campus, the previous divisions in the giving summary, which included the NIST Annual Giving Fund (for campus development, education, and sports and recreation), have been combined into the NIST Campus Development Projects.

Over the course of the last 18 years, our generous donors have raised a total of THB 283,434,482. From 2015 to 2017 alone, the total amount raised was THB 104,456,877, an incredible 27% of the all donations since 2000. We are humbled and incredibly grateful that you have entrusted NIST with your children’s education, and have chosen to make the further commitment of investing in our community’s future. With your help, we will continue to meet our mission to inspire growth, empower individual excellence and enrich lives.

2000-2015 Total Giving Summary

NIST 2000-2015 Giving Summary


2013-2015 Giving Summary

NIST 2013-2015 Giving Summary

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Phase 1 Projects


Phase II Projects


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