It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

– Vince Lombardi

As a founding member of the Bangok International Schools Athletic Conference (BISAC) and South East Asia Student Activity Conference (SEASAC), NIST offers students the opportunity to play in over a dozen different sports against other schools around Bangkok and Southeast Asia. Through structured competition and collaboration, students learn essential skills, and develop responsibility, self-discipline and perseverance.

The NIST Falcons have amassed dozens of national and international titles over the course of the past two decades, and our community benefits from a wide range of facilities and resources that enable students, parents and staff to maintain good physical and mental health.


Falcon Sports Development Programme

Often in school settings children are reluctant to take part in sports, whether from inexperience, a lack of confidence or busy schedules. At NIST we seek to provide even these students with the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities through the Falcon Sports Development Programme (FSDP). Taking place on Saturday mornings, the FSDP is open to any students who are not members of school teams. By offering them access to the school’s expansive athletics facilities and expert coaching, they begin to develop fundamental skills and confidence.


Chelsea FC Football Programme

NIST shares a partnership with the famed Chelsea Football Club, which bases its programmes at our campus and has two full-time Chelsea coaches on site. Students can choose to enroll in the Chelsea FC Football Programme as an extra-curricular activity, receiving the best possible football training in Asia. Our school is also home to Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok, which offers youth at NIST and around Bangkok the opportunity to hone their skills further through evening and weekend sessions. This exclusive partnership has enabled us to become a centre for football excellence in Thailand.


Athlete Performance Programme

Aimed at improving strength, conditioning and overall health, the Athlete Performance Programme (APP) provides a well-designed, collaborative training programme based on sound, physiologically-proven methods. The APP was developed with the well being and performance of young athletes in mind, and includes both physical training and nutritional guidance. For students who are dedicated to their sporting development, we believe that a well informed understanding of how to prepare and recover from training and competition will enhance our students’ enjoyment of sport, help reduce injuries, and help recovery and energy levels: benefits that can also carry over into their personal lives.


Visit the NIST Sports Blog for more information about our programmes.