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Employment Vacancies at NIST International School Bangkok

All academic and leadership positions are advertised through Schrole. Additionally, some positions are advertised through Search Associates and the Global Recruitment Collaborative. Opportunities for operations positions—from communications, human resources and IT to finance, property and more—are advertised here in the NIST Employment Portal.

As you consider whether to apply to join the NIST community, we encourage you to read through this page, hear from our faculty and reflect on your own career aspirations. We ground our work in three overarching goals: improving student learning, improving efficiencies and keeping our community safe.

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NIST International School Bangkok - Operations Vacancies
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In addition to hiring great people, we are also mindful of our commitment to providing an excellent international education in a safe and caring learning environment. In 2015 we began to work with Keeping Children Safe to further improve our child protection policies and procedures.

Therefore, we require anyone wishing to join our professional community to provide a self-disclosure, including criminal background checks and information about their visa, study, health and work history, as well as any aspects of their past or profile that could affect the reputation of NIST or the wellbeing of those already in the school.

Why Should You Choose NIST?

It is well established that quality teaching has the greatest impact on improving learning outcomes for students. We hold this as a foundational premise, and invest considerable resources to interview and recruit the best possible candidates. Once you have joined NIST you will continue to enjoy support in the form of focused professional development, leadership guidance, and collaborative involvement in teams of teachers and educational support personnel, all with a singular focus: improving outcomes for our students.

At our heart, we are a learning organization. Just as we expect our students to learn, grow and develop, we expect the same from our leadership, faculty and staff. Our success is always measured by our ability to improve as professionals and transfer our teaching related knowledge, skills, understandings and dispositions into improved learning for our students. 

If your professional goal is to work within a highly professional collegial environment, to grow, learn, and have a positive impact on students, then NIST might be the perfect school for you.

Recruitment Philosophy

With over a hundred international schools in Bangkok and even more around Southeast Asia, we know that you have many choices as a teacher. We believe that schools and teachers, and in turn students, thrive when they share a common philosophy and vision, and this conviction drives our hiring decisions.

If you are considering applying to join the NIST community, please consider whether you feel we will be a good match for you.

We are driven by our guiding beliefs.

When our founding families envisioned the school that would become NIST in 1992, they described an inclusive and diverse community, fostering care and respect for others. We have never wavered from that path, and we continue to align our actions and decisions to those core beliefs. We believe that children thrive in a values-based school that both celebrates diversity and commits to a shared vision.

We believe in continual growth & improvement.

The world continues to change, and we must prepare students to meet the challenges of the future. We must always seek to consider which aspects of our practices and processes might need to adapt and change. Teachers are, first and foremost, learners. A passion for personal and collective growth pushes us to continue seeking out ways in which we can improve efficiency and learning outcomes within a caring system of support.

We strive to support student wellbeing.

We cannot learn if we do not feel safe, but also challenged at the right level and at the right time. Equally important, we all must feel that we are seen, heard and respected. Our job is to help students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions within our learning programme. As a school, we support community wellbeing by providing the support needed to flourish, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

We make shared decisions based on evidence.

We promise our community that we will deliver learning opportunities aimed at inspiring growth, empowering individual excellence and enriching lives. We are informed by data and research that helps us constantly realign our practices and processes, even when a change might be uncomfortable or challenging. Through this process of reflection and action we grow, improve and flourish.

Preparing for Your Move - Thai Visa Application

The Visa Process

One of the key steps you will need to complete prior to departure to Thailand is acquiring your visa. Our HR team will assist you throughout this process.

Welcome to the NIST Community

If you are offered a position at NIST, we will be supporting you from the first day to ease your transition. We encourage you to read the resources in this section to learn more about Thailand and complete the online tech training.
Arriving to NIST International School in Bangkok

Safeguarding at NIST

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all of our community members, and all NIST faculty and staff must complete annual safeguarding training.

Adjusting to Your New Home

In addition to an extensive orientation to Bangkok and NIST, our transition coordinator will organize tours, shopping expeditions and social events to help you settle in quickly and focus on your new role in our community.
NIST International School Bangkok Skyline

The New to NIST Blog

All new faculty are given access to a password-protected blog with more tips and information about working and living in Thailand.

Life in Bangkok

From five-star restaurants to world-famous street food and sprawling shopping malls to bustling open-air markets, Bangkok offers something for everyone and also offers the opportunity for easy travel throughout Asia.