Head of School Search (2020)

After a combined 12 years at NIST, Head of School Brett Penny announced that he will be completing his time at the school following the 2019-2020 school year. Brett has been a member of our NIST community since 2000, having first served as a teacher until 2003 before moving to Switzerland. He returned to NIST as Head of Elementary in 2011. Following on from a very successful term as Head of Elementary, he then accepted the role of Head of School from August 2016. Throughout his time as head, Brett has contributed to the evolution of the school in a wide range of areas, providing strong leadership in shifting us to be more inclusive in our approach, while striving to ensure that we are strategic in our planning and caring in our oversight.

One of Brett’s many achievements was his guidance in the creation of an updated vision statement, which will continue to steer our decision-making in the future while also cementing his own legacy in our community. Our school board and community have appreciated his collaborative approach, which has created a strong working relationship between the school’s leadership and governance.


Recruitment of a New Head of School for 2020

The NIST Executive School Board has appointed RG175, a leading education consultancy firm with extensive experience in school leadership recruitment, to lead the global search for Brett’s successor. The RG175 philosophy closely aligns to our own, and we are confident that their expertise will help us attract and recruit the best possible candidates.

The position was announced worldwide on 5 June 2019, and RG175 will conduct a visit to our campus from 19-21 August 2019 to meet with board members, parents, students, faculty and staff. This process is intended to help them gain a better understanding of our community and, in turn, identify the candidates who most closely match our philosophy, approach and values. This visit will be followed by a longer position statement that will highlight NIST’s background and context, community, and key areas of focus for the incoming head.


Key Information & Dates

As with all key leadership appointments within our community, the recruitment of a new Head of School will be a rigorous, inclusive process. Applicants will be expected to not only be progressive, visionary leaders with proven records in international education, but also genuinely caring, thoughtful educators who hold themselves to high standards of integrity and are committed to continual growth.

While the final appointment of the new head will be at the discretion of the NIST Executive School Board, all of the final candidates will also spend several days at the school in order to meet board members and other senior leaders, interview with parents and students, and take part in other community activities.

  • June 2019: RG175 appointed & global search announced
  • August 2019: RG175 to visit NIST, interview stakeholders & release a full position statement
  • October 2019: RG175 to provide shortlist of candidates to NIST
  • November 2019: Shortlisted candidates to visit NIST to meet with community stakeholders, including NIST Foundation Board and NIST Executive School Board representatives, faculty, staff, parents and students
  • December 2019: NIST Foundation appoints new Head of School based on community feedback


Position Details & Applications

The following position statement was written and released by RG175 in August 2019 following their visit to our campus. All inquiries and expressions of interest can be directed to RG175 representatives Mark Ulfers (mark.ulfers@rg175.com) and Coreen Hester (chester@rg175.com).



Note: the document below is the initial announcement of the position, which was followed by the full position statement from RG175.