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Recreation - Art


Theatre – Bangkok Community Theatre is the largest and longest running English-language community theatre group in Thailand. They are always looking for community support, whether it by being on stage or helping out behind the scenes. 

Art Galleries – there are a myriad of art galleries here in Bangkok, encompassing both modern, traditional styles and everything in between.

Cinemas – as an add-on effect of Bangkok’s super malls, cinemas here are world class, including luxuries such as massages and food and drink delivery to your private booth/seats/beds. You can of course just go to watch a movie normally or choose from IMAX, 3D or even 4DX special effects screenings.

Concerts – the choice of touring musical acts coming to Bangkok can be a mixed bag, but there has been an upturn in big acts gracing the land of smiles.

Siam Niramit – is a stage performance recreation of the history of Thailand, with big sets, traditional music, spectacular costumes and even stunning action. It is both an entertaining and educational show.

Recreation - Sights & Tours

Sights & Tours

Floating Markets – are an iconic destination and worth exploring at least once while here.

Food Tours – are a great way to be introduced to and learn about Thai food, they are family friendly and you may even to find a couple of local gems to share with visitors and friends. Thailand is a major food destination and authentic Thai food should not be missed.

Bike Tours – have become quite popular of late and for good reason, places like large markets, the riverside or chinatown can be like a large maze for people not familiar with the area and traffic can be crippling. But a reasonably priced group bike tour with activity stops along the way can be help you get to know different areas of town.

Buddhist Temples – A temple or (Wat in Thai) is intricately tied to both the religion and culture of Thailand. Famous Bangkok temples have a rich and storied history stretching back hundreds of years.

Bangkok Ocean World – An aquarium located right off Siam BTS Station in Siam Paragon Mall that is both a fun and educational experience, albeit a short one.

Recreation - Park


Amusement Park

Dream World – Located just past the outskirts of Bangkok, Dream World has your standard amusement park fare with fun for all ages.

Nature Parks

In Bangkok – Bangkok’s concrete jungle is dotted with greenery in the form of public parks.

Outside Bangkok – Thailand is full of natural wonders, only a few hours away from the big city there are many national parks that are abundant with wildlife and beautiful sights such as waterfalls.

Recreation - Sports & Activities

Sports & Activities

Rugby – Southerners Sports Club have both Men’s & Women’s contact rugby teams, it is a great way to meet new people, learn a new sport and tour around Asia, weekly trainings are at the NIST field.

Muay Thai – is Thailand’s world famous national sport. People of all ages and skill levels, both locals and foreigners practice muay thai and as such there are a plethora of Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok to suit your needs.

Golf – has grown immensely in popularity here in Thailand, thanks to some Thai professional golfers bringing the sport into the spotlight. There are a wealth of golf courses throughout Thailand, though you will have to travel out of town for more spacious courses. Overall, the price of golf in Thailand is quite reasonable and the quality of the better courses can be world class.

Netball – The Bangkok Women’s Netball League (sponsored by NIST International School) is played out right here on our NIST courts and boasts multiple teams and social events.

Touch Rugby – Social mixed touch rugby is played weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Football (Soccer) – There is a large and welcoming casuals league that play a full league with home and away fixtures, both in Bangkok and neighboring cities such as Pattaya. NIST staff also play an internal two team league between staff and faculty every Tuesday.

CricketThe Bangkok Cricket League is a robust social league with 2 grade levels.

Marathons – There is a strong community of runners in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia and you will always be able to find a casual or competitive race coming up. (Bangkok marathon, colour run, music run, Hashing running etc.)

Triathlons – Throughout Thailand, there is a robust and dynamic triathlon scene spanning all the way from amateur to professional level. Take a look at upcoming races.

Preparing for Your Move - Thai Visa Application

The Visa Process

One of the key steps you will need to complete prior to departure to Thailand is acquiring your visa. Our HR team will assist you throughout this process.

Welcome to the NIST Community

If you are offered a position at NIST, we will be supporting you from the first day to ease your transition. We encourage you to read the resources in this section to learn more about Thailand and complete the online tech training.
Arriving to NIST International School in Bangkok

Safeguarding at NIST

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all of our community members, and all NIST faculty and staff must complete annual safeguarding training.

Adjusting to Your New Home

In addition to an extensive orientation to Bangkok and NIST, our transition coordinator will organize tours, shopping expeditions and social events to help you settle in quickly and focus on your new role in our community.
NIST International School Bangkok Skyline

The New to NIST Blog

All new faculty are given access to a password-protected blog with more tips and information about working and living in Thailand.

Life in Bangkok

From five-star restaurants to world-famous street food and sprawling shopping malls to bustling open-air markets, Bangkok offers something for everyone and also offers the opportunity for easy travel throughout Asia.