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Technology at NIST

We strongly believe that technology represents one of the most powerful tools available to us in supporting student learning. Like most other international schools in Bangkok and worldwide, our community uses several key platforms to centralize not only instruction and assessment, but also attendance, communications, planning and much more. Prior to your arrival you will gain access to courses hosted on our online training platform, as well as several guides. You can also read through this page and watch the videos to become familiar our technology platforms.

As a new member of the NIST community, you will likely arrive having had experience in using technology in your classroom. Shortly after arriving in Bangkok, all new faculty receive a MacBook Air with all software and platforms already configured. You may also request an iPad and Apple Pencil to support teaching and learning. Our technology team will support you throughout the first few weeks to help you set up your devices and become proficient with any of our school systems that you may not have used in the past.

Our Key Technology Platforms

While teachers, staff and leadership utilize a broad range of systems for various purposes, three rank among the most commonly used. Depending on your position in the school, you will receive role-based training for the use of particular platforms

Veracross Logo


Our student information system, Veracross is a powerful database with multiple modules beyond just academics, including communication, giving and admissions. Many key tasks for both faculty and staff must be completed through this system, and its portal serves as the key online hub for all current NIST community members.

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Used primarily within our elementary school, Seesaw is a familiar tool for many educators. This online app connects teachers, students and parents, showcasing the learning and thought process of each child. It also provides teachers with a tool to assess student progress, provide feedback and better differentiate instruction.

Google Suite Logo

Google Suite

Google Suite is integrated across our school community to support a variety of functions. We rely on Gmail as our email client, and Google Apps—Docs, Slides, Calendar and more—to support teaching, learning and administrative tasks. Many of our secondary teachers also opt to use Google Sites to support classroom learning.

Google Suite Training

Before you begin your first day in the classroom, you will take part in an orientation that includes both online and in-person training. However, if you have not used Google Suite extensively in the past, you may also get a head start by completing Google’s online modules, which take the form of both guides and courses. This will help prepare you for using each app on a day-to-day basis. In particular, we recommend completing the training for Calendar, Chrome, Classroom, Drive and Mail.

Although it is not required, note that we highly encourage all NIST staff members to use Chrome as their web browser. Chrome allows you to sign in with your NIST account, sync your bookmarks, web history, and extensions across any device, and easily access the many Google apps we use. Familiarity with Chrome will make your transition to technology at NIST that much easier!

Devices & Internet in Bangkok

As a major tech hub and manufacturer in Southeast Asia, Thailand provides a wide range of choices for purchasing new devices and electronics. One of your tasks in the first few days of your arrival will likely be setting up an internet connection upon choosing a place to live. In many cases condos will have an existing agreement with a provider, making this a simple process. However, should you need assistance our logistics team can help arrange a plan.

You will also need to get a Thai SIM card, regardless of whether you intend to use an existing mobile or purchase a new one. Many guides are available online to explain the process for this, and you can also contact our IT team for assistance.

The NIST IT Department

Our IT team includes over a dozen members with expertise in personal devices, computer hardware and software, database and server management, academic systems and much more. Should you require any assistance prior to your arrival to Bangkok, or upon starting at NIST, please do not hesitate to reach out to them for help.

Beyond tech support, they can also provide guidance in using a range of devices to support student learning, and provide training resources to help you become more proficient with a range of technology.


Preparing for Your Move - Thai Visa Application

The Visa Process

One of the key steps you will need to complete prior to departure to Thailand is acquiring your visa. Our HR team will assist you throughout this process.

Welcome to the NIST Community

If you are offered a position at NIST, we will be supporting you from the first day to ease your transition. We encourage you to read the resources in this section to learn more about Thailand and complete the online tech training.
Arriving to NIST International School in Bangkok

Safeguarding at NIST

We prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all of our community members, and all NIST faculty and staff must complete annual safeguarding training.

Adjusting to Your New Home

In addition to an extensive orientation to Bangkok and NIST, our transition coordinator will organize tours, shopping expeditions and social events to help you settle in quickly and focus on your new role in our community.
NIST International School Bangkok Skyline

The New to NIST Blog

All new faculty are given access to a password-protected blog with more tips and information about working and living in Thailand.

Life in Bangkok

From five-star restaurants to world-famous street food and sprawling shopping malls to bustling open-air markets, Bangkok offers something for everyone and also offers the opportunity for easy travel throughout Asia.