Falcon Fencing Team Competes in National Tournament

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Thailand-Fencing-Championship-01As the popularity of fencing has grown among NIST students, the young Falcon fencers have been increasingly putting their training to the test. Following up on Ping Ping’s (Year 10) success at the 2014 Singapore Cadet Fencing World Cup—where he received a bronze medal—the NIST team took part in the 2014 Thailand Junior & Cadet Fencing Championship, held from May 10th to 13th at the Royal Thai Air Force Academy. Despite being relatively new to the sport, they performed well against more seasoned veterans, with several earning top-10 finishes in their respective categories.

Thailand-Fencing-Championship-02The NIST Falcon Fencing Team was formed not only with the intent of promoting the sport in Thailand, but also developing good sportsmanship. Fencing has a long tradition of encouraging self-discipline and respect for others, and it also promotes physical and emotional health. While the fencers were pleased with their results, they profited more from learning to think and react quickly, make complex decisions, and work as a team. Led once again by Ping Ping, who earned a second bronze medal in a major competition, the Falcons earned a place among Thailand’s elite fencers.

Full Results

1. Ping Ping Kitsiriboon (Y10): 3rd place – U17 Men Sabre, 5th – U20 Men Sabre

2. Susie Chongthaweephol (Y11): 5th place – U17 Women Sabre

3. Prim Lerthirunvibul (Y11): 9th place – U17 Women Sabre

4. Marisa Kitjatanapan (Y8): 10th place – U17 Women Sabre

5. Aim Sila-on (Y10): 14th place – U17 Women Sabre

6. Min Laohavisit (Y8): 15th place – U17 Men Sabre

7. Fa Taepaisitphongse (Y7): 16th place – U17 Women Sabre

8. Prize Lerthirunvibul (Y8): 17th place – U17 Men Sabre (32 round)

9. Reya Lamsam (Y11): 18th place – U17 Women Sabre (32 round)

10. Zim Jearrajinda (Y11): 21st place – U17 Men Sabre (32 round)