Falcons Reach High in Season 2 BISAC & SEASAC Tournaments

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Following up a great first season, the final BISAC and SEASAC tournaments of season 2 sports proved to be equally successful for the Falcon athletes! Over the course of the three-day weekend, over 300 players in 19 teams took part in basketball, tennis, rugby, football and badminton matches against their peers from Thailand and abroad. In addition to three championship trophies, the teams had several top-five placings. The highlight, however, was the championship earned by the Falcon Varsity Boys Basketball Team on their home court.

While the many trophies are impressive, we’re even happier with the incredibly positive feedback we received from others about the hospitality of our community, summed up by a visiting parent from a Malaysian school: “…the sportsmanship displayed from all students was fantastic.” Go Falcons!

SEASAC Boys Basketball: 1st Place – Champions
SEASAC Boys Tennis: 2nd Place
SEASAC Girls Tennis: 2nd Place
SEASAC Girls Basketball: 3rd Place
SEASAC Boys Rugby: 3rd Place
SEASAC Touch Rugby: 5th Place

BISAC U13 Boys Football: 1st Place – Champions
BISAC U15 Girls Badminton: 1st Place – Champions
BISAC U15 Boys Football: 3rd Place
BISAC U13 Girls Badminton: 3rd Place
BISAC U11 Girls Football: 4th Place
BISAC U13 Boys Badminton: 4th Place
BISAC U15 Boys Badminton: 4th Place
BISAC U13 Girls Football: 4th Place