EAL Team Leader (Tentative)

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NIST Child Protection SafeguardingIn line with international standards, NIST maintains strong child protection policies and procedures. All applicants are screened to ensure that they meet the legal and ethical requirements for employment in Thailand, and our school strives to provide a safe, secure environment for all students.


The successful candidate must have specific and considerable experience and an EAL background in order to support a dynamic and forward thinking department and to carry out the duties indicated in the Job Description listed below.

The application deadline is 20th March

Please send your expression of interest to ELT

  • Why you are interested in this leadership position?
  • What experience, skills, qualifications, etc would you bring to the role?
  • What is your vision of where to next with the role?

Job Description

Reports to: Head of Elementary
Main Working Relationships with: Elementary Leadership Team, EAL team and Elementary Support Services Team leaders.

Overall Role

Team Leaders adhere to the Leadership Beliefs and Practices listed below, sharing collective responsibility for leading a culture of learning and growth, and facilitating a shared vision within the Elementary School. The team leader promotes and oversees the effective operation of all aspects of learning within their team, ensuring a consistent and integrated approach supported by appropriate resourcing.

The role requires high levels of collaboration to support and engage team members, to ensure student well-being and to engage parents and inspire confidence within the NIST community. Team leaders carry out their roles in collaboration with the Head of Elementary and Elementary Leadership Team.

The Leadership Beliefs and Principles

  • Start with the belief that people are intelligent, capable, working hard and acting in good faith.
  • Create an environment based on trust and respect to enable colleagues to function at their highest point of contribution. Advocate and support others within the team.
  • Seek to be solution oriented, use the school mission and be guided by student achievement.
  • Value open discussion, aim to develop shared understandings and consensus
  • Strive to be transparent, make moral decisions and be fair. Follow-up on decisions and communicate effectively.

Leading a Shared Vision

  • Ensure the school’s guiding statements are central to all decisions and influence learning
  • Help stakeholders to develop a collective understanding of the priorities and direction of the School
  • Maintain high expectations in all areas of the school

Leading a Culture of Learning

  • Empower the members of the team to leverage the school’s curriculum and approaches to additional language learning
  • Support the established culture, whereby conversations in the school continue to focus on learning and learners
  • Develop an environment and culture for students to have increased agency of their learning
  • Utilise protocols, procedures and practices to support disciplined dialogue around learning and assessment for learning

Leading a Culture Focused on Student WellBeing

  • Promote a culture focused on supporting students to be happy, engaged, empowered, respectful and responsible members of the community.
  • Ensure the child safeguarding policies are implemented and referred to on a regular basis and maintain a culture where students are safe and informed and, as a result, can flourish

Leading Human Development and Empowerment

  • Support the ELT in their work
  • Ensure a high level of accountability in line with the school’s values and guiding statements
  • Lead in a manner that provides a level of predictability and aim to adopt a coaching mindset when working with others
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and acknowledge the contributions of others
  • Encourage cognitive conflict and empower team members in decision making
  • Develop a learning environment with clear norms and expectations, where all stakeholders feel safe and respected

Operational Leadership

  • Support ELT to identify additional staffing needs or staff needing support
  • Support a high level of accountability in line with the school’s values and guiding statements

Personal Leadership Resources

  • Serve as a model for all members of the community
  • Be available and approachable, demonstrating a genuine interest in people
  • Create a culture that is optimistic and positive in tone and practice
  • Be proactive, identifying areas for improvement beyond the defined scope of the role
  • Communicate the school’s aims and values consistently and influence others in maintaining them
  • Ensure effective lines of communication are established and convey a strong sense of credibility and competence

Specific Tasks

  • Supporting Teachers
  • Oversee, support and assist all team members
  • Assist in the orientation of new teachers
  • Further develop appropriate practices for supporting EAL learners within a multi-tiered system of support


  • Initiate and provide structures for regular collaborative team meetings
  • Attend team leader meetings and report back to team members

Assessment and Reporting

  • Collaborate with teachers to ensure that NIST assessment policy is implemented
  • Lead the team towards consistent and moderated assessment practices
  • Lead the team during report writing and facilitate peer editing

Administration and Finance

  • Oversee the expenditure of EAL budgets in accordance with the school’s curriculum and financial procedures

Other Duties

  • Support parents through presentations and workshops to develop parent understanding
  • Perform other reasonable tasks as assigned by ELT

To apply for this job email your details to employment@nist.ac.th

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook