Student Shadow Support Role (Thai Residency Preferred)

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NIST Child Protection SafeguardingIn line with international standards, NIST maintains strong child protection policies and procedures. All applicants are screened to ensure that they meet the legal and ethical requirements for employment in Thailand, and our school strives to provide a safe, secure environment for all students.


Urgently Required!

NIST is looking for an effective and connected educator to join our elementary team. The full time shadow teacher will support a learner with social-emotional and behavioural needs. Behaviour analysis and coaching skills will be valuable assets for this role as well as supporting learning behaviours.


The applicant should have relevant qualifications and experience to support learners with social-emotional and behavioural needs on a one to one basis.

Responsibilities of a Shadow Teacher at NIST includes

  • The Homeroom (HR) teacher, Learning Support (LS) specialist and shadow teacher share the teaching and learning roles and responsibilities to co-support the student with significant needs. Regular communication and collaboration between the teaching team and the parents is essential.
  • The shadow teacher may:
    Work 1:1 with the student
    Observe the student working with others and monitor for opportunities to support
    Work with the student in a small group
    Work with other students whilst the student works with the HR teacher
    The HR teacher and LS specialist will also work with the student individually, and in small and whole class groups.
  • Help the student
    Function in an environment where there are multiple distractions
    To identify situations when calming or recovery strategies may be needed before situations escalate
    Participate appropriately in individual, small group and whole class instructional times
    Communicate and advocate for own needs with the teacher when help is needed
    Respond appropriately to his/her peers in social situations be positive in his/her approach to learning
    Improve his/her self-esteem and self-belief as a learner
    Accept responsibility for own learning
  • Collaborate with the HR teacher, Counsellor and LS specialist to develop and implement a Differentiated
    Learning Plan (DLP)
  • Participate in regular planning meetings with HR teacher and LS specialist
  • Support in relevant classes throughout the day, modifying student’s tasks as required. Support may also be needed in specialist classes.
  • Prepare resources to support learning
  • Provide regular feedback to the HR teacher and LS specialist on student’s progress and needs
  • Participate in LS team meetings
  • Attend staff meetings and In Service Education days as needed.

NIST is an ambitious school with a mission to do our best for every student. We have a focus on achievement in the broadest sense and a collaborative and inquiry-based approach is an expected feature in classrooms and also within the professional life of the school. Contributing beyond expectations and taking part in activities of the school are important to us, as are an open mind and a commitment to professional learning

How to Apply

Interested applicants are invited to apply by sending a letter of application, a full resume indicating qualifications and experience, and a recent photograph to the recruitment team at

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

To apply for this job email your details to

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook