Journalist Seyi Rhodes Returns to NIST

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SeyiStudents from Years 6-13 will be very lucky to have Seyi Rhodes return to NIST, October 27-30. As during his previous two visits, Seyi will visit a variety of classes, meet service groups and deliver a keynote presentation to year 10 and 11 students in the theatre at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, 28 October. Seyi’s authentic experiences with many global issues makes him a special addition to student learning.

Seyi, a native of the UK, is an investigative reporter on the Unreported World series. Due to his family’s roots in Nigeria, West Africa, he has visited the region numerous times to document human rights violations, including slavery in Senegal and religious/homophobic violence in Nigeria. Seyi has also made documentaries on the conflict in southern Thailand; the world’s dirtiest river in Java, Indonesia; children working in silver mines in Bolivia; atrocities in the Karen state in Myanmar; murder rates of bus drivers in Guatemala; witchcraft in the Central African Republic; and a documentary on young baseball players in the Dominican Republic, home to 10% of US major league players.

His Unreported World report “The Madness of War” in Sierra Leone won a MIND Mental Health Media Award for best short documentary, and he was also shortlisted for the (UK) Amnesty International‘s media awards. Seyi also works on stories for another company, Current TV. His short film Stop and Search Me, in which he spent a week on the streets of London to see if he would be stopped and searched by police, is still one of Current TV’s most viewed films and is used by teachers all over the world to engage students with issues of citizenship, community and race.

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