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English Language Support

Learning - English Language Support

At NIST we offer English as Additional Language (EAL) in Elementary and English Language Acquisition (ELA) at Secondary. 


English as Additional Language (EAL) is offered in Years 1 to 6. EAL specialist teachers work at each year level to support students in their homeroom classrooms. Language development is supported by EAL teachers who collaborate with homeroom teachers to create a stimulating language environment. 


In Years 7 to 11, students engage in the MYP English Language Acquisition (ELA) programme. In addition, students receive support from their ELA teachers during Individuals and Societies, and Science lessons.

The principle goal of the ELA programme is to help students acquire sufficient competence in English to succeed at all levels and in all subject areas.

In Years 12 and 13, ELA students have the opportunity to select English B in the IB Diploma as their course of study.