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NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Academics
Learning Programme - Academics



Over the past three decades, NIST has cultivated a reputation for excellence. 

As the first full International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Thailand, NIST offers the PYP, MYP and DP as well as the opportunity to earn a NIST Diploma. Using the frameworks and philosophical approaches of the IB, NIST has articulated a concept-based curriculum that specifies the knowledge, skills and understanding at each year level. In addition, the curriculum connects the intended learning goals with the NIST Attributes and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These critical elements of a well-rounded education are not left to chance but galvanised within our curriculum. 

NIST is also a member of an exclusive group of schools offering the Global Citizenship Diploma (GCD) in addition to our International Baccalaureate Diploma. The GCD is available to all secondary students in Years 10-13 and acknowledges experiences and growth in areas outside the classroom that have direct links to the development of global citizenship.


The Expedition element of our NIST Learning Programme offers structured and developmentally appropriate opportunities to engage in outdoor education-based activities. In the mid 20th century, educational philosopher Kurt Hahn declared to his pupils “Plus est en vous” (“There is more in you than you think”). The way that Hahn, and numerous other outdoor educators, suggested we access, explore and understand ourselves more deeply was through engaging in challenging experiences outside of our normal, often comfortable, daily routines. The expeditions offer a unique opportunity for students to understand that they are capable of more than they think, and develop resilience, self management and care for themselves and the world.

Our Expedition Programme starts with our youngest students and challenges them with a self-contained overnight experience with their classmates on the school campus. With each successive year, these expeditions increase in remoteness, duration and skill level until our NIST students are planning and undertaking their own expeditions. We align our more advanced expedition programme with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award scheme.

At all levels, teachers play a significant role in our expedition programme. Our influence as educators is felt both inside and outside the classroom and students gain a tremendous amount from sharing their experiences with their teachers. There are also plentiful opportunities for interested teachers to be involved in the International Award trips and other optional expeditions with students. 

NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Expeditions
Learning Programme - Expeditions


NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Activities
Learning Programme - Activities



True learning and growth requires stretching your boundaries. Whether they are joining an unfamiliar activity, playing an instrument for the first time or trying out for a sports team, students benefit from exploring new interests.

To encourage all students to push beyond their limits, the NIST Activities Programme offers more than 300 activities throughout the year across eight areas: academics, creative arts, enrichment, music, performing arts, service, sports and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The diversity of activities encourages students to excel by challenging themselves, and growing both as individuals and as a part of a community. Equally important, experiencing these new challenges empowers them to develop a growth mindset, view failure as an important part of learning and become more resilient.

Through activities, students learn that success in life is not measured only by awards or trophies, but also through our own growth and the positive impact we have on others.


We define Service Learning as the development of global citizens who commit to local and global partnerships that work towards sustainable positive change for people and the planet. Service is an essential component of learning at NIST. It is at the heart of our learning programme because we recognise our shared responsibility as global citizens to make a positive difference in the world.

Service Learning is developed in our community through intentional age-appropriate learning opportunities to build a service mindset, broaden perspectives as systems thinkers, and create local and global partnerships towards a sustainable future. As changemakers, we can work towards a sustainable future by advocating and taking action for people and the planet, peace and justice, equity and inclusivity, unity and collaboration, guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Service Learning at NIST is a continuum of learning from early years to graduation that articulates the journey of a changemaker. Students engage in learning that contributes to who they are, who they are becoming and the impact they can have in the world as global citizens. Students learn to recognise their feelings, actions and choices and the impact these have on people and the environment.

List of Service Groups 2023-24

NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Service
Learning Programme - Service
NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Wellbeing
Learning Programme - Wellbeing


Wellbeing is when people flourish and find meaning through connections to a caring community where they feel safe, secure, and supported. When members of the NIST community are thriving and feel a sense of belonging, an environment is created that is essential for optimal learning and growth.

Wellbeing is recognised as an essential element of the NIST Learning Programme. It is expressed through the development of respectful relationships, a balanced and healthy lifestyle, community engagement and a robust curriculum designed with the lifelong learner in mind.

Through this, we create opportunities for all members of our community to develop a sense of competency, to find enjoyment, and to engage purposefully in shared experiences that help us to flourish.