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NIST Learning Programme

NIST Learning Programme

At NIST, we believe that education is more than just an academic programme. While academics are fundamental to the learning experience, we also recognise the importance of wellbeing, activities, service learning and expeditions. Along with academics, these five elements come together to provide a breadth of opportunities for personal, social and cognitive development, helping students to find their interests and reach their full potential.

We know from 30 years experience growing world citizens that students develop invaluable skills by playing on a sports team, working with a service group, engaging in a school excursion, participating in a drama production, or looking after their physical and emotional health. These experiences have a lasting and positive impact on the growth of a child.

This is why the NIST Learning Programme has been carefully curated to provide a range of experiences that all work together to deliver a holistic education, every day, from Early Years through to graduation.

Underpinning the five elements of our Learning Programme are the NIST Attributes and our Mission to inspire, empower and enrich. As well, our learning goals are strategically linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This holistic approach to learning provides students with multiple opportunities to develop the skills and dispositions of global citizenship to go out and flourish and make a positive difference in the world.

Core elements of NIST's Learning Programme

NIST Attributes

Every day at NIST we inspire growth, empower excellence and enrich the lives of our students. We do this through all five elements of our Learning Programme so that students have multiple opportunities to develop the skills and dispositions of our NIST Attributes. We provide the best conditions for learning, informed by our Learning Principles, so that our students develop the qualities and characteristics of global citizenship to go out and flourish and make a positive difference in the world.

As a committed IB World School, the NIST Attributes are informed by, and align with, the IB Learner Profile and the IB Approaches to Learning.

NIST Attributes

Learning at NIST

Learning is a dynamic and evolving process that results in a change in knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes and/or behaviours.

NIST Learning Principles

The Learning Principles are foundational to how we set the conditions and practices for learning. They are informed by research, interrelated and do not appear in a specific order, nor do they exist in isolation.

NIST Learning Principles


Designed for students from 3 to 11 years old (NIST Years 1 to 6), the Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a research-based framework that adopts a holistic approach to early childhood education through three key pillars


For our older students, NIST offers the IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes, as well as the Global Citizen Diploma and International Award.