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Young baseball players leap with joy and excitement, Diverse activities foster growth, community, and resilience in students

True learning and growth requires challenging yourself and stretching your boundaries.

Whether they are joining an unfamiliar activity, playing an instrument for the first time or trying out for a sports team, students benefit from exploring new interests.

To encourage all students to push beyond their limits, the NIST Activities Programme offers more than 300 activities throughout the year across eight areas: academics, creative arts, enrichment, music, performing arts, service, sports and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The diversity of activities encourages students to excel by challenging themselves, and growing both as individuals and as a part of a community. Equally important, experiencing these new challenges empowers them to develop a growth mindset, view failure as an important part of learning and become more resilient.

Through activities, students learn that success in life is not measured only by awards or trophies, but also through our own growth and the positive impact we have on others.

NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Activities


For students who want more music in their lives, the Activities programme and our NIST Music Academy offer fun and engaging sessions in a range of genres and instruments, including traditional Thai instruments, choir, music theory and vocals coaching. 

Sports & Recreation

Rock climbing, Gaelic Football, tennis, gymnastics, Muay Thai boxing, table tennis, dodgeball, badminton, football, basketball, golf, fencing, fitness and more … the list of sports and recreational activities offered as part of our Activities programme is long!


Budding theatre managers, directors and sound technicians work alongside our talented student actors and perform to packed audiences in our NIST theatres. Our Activities programme and our drama curriculum offer students the chance to perform on stage, or backstage using the latest lighting, sound and stage rigging equipment.

Visual Art

Young artists and creators can enjoy a range of activities from painting, drawing and clay work, to collage, illustration and more. Our older students regularly enjoy graphic design, photography, coding, 3-D printing or creative writing sessions.

Cooking Club

In the NIST kitchen, our Cooking Club students learn to cook and create simple dishes they can then take home to share with their family and friends. The Activities programme also has clubs and groups for gardening, reading, science exploration, maths, recycling, language or psychology, and we even have groups for Lego builders and young magicians!

Cover Dance

NIST has a number of dance rehearsal and theatre rooms for our students to learn music, movement and expression, with our Activities programme filling the rooms with regular classes in hip hop, classical and jazz ballet. Self defence, wellbeing, mindfulness and other movement and fitness classes are also regularly available.


Younger students love our Makerspace areas, where they can build, stick, glue, bend and even break the many recycled products we collect from our community. Designs come to life and wonderful innovative and fun creations are made as part of our Makerspace Activities programme. 


Secondary students interested in learning about, building and programming robots are encouraged to join our Robotics Team. Working together, the robotics enthusiasts collaborate regularly to design and build robots that then perform in competition matches and skirmishes.

Card Games

Card games, board games, chess, science fun, chemistry, maths club, story time, public speaking, scrabble … if you have an interest in it, there’s a good chance the NIST Activities programme has a session!


Over the past three decades, NIST has cultivated a reputation for academic excellence.


Expeditions at NIST empower students to realise they are more than they think.


Service to the community is an important lesson for all future global citizens.


Wellbeing is when people flourish and find meaning through connections to a caring community where they feel safe, secure and supported.