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Service to the community is an important lesson for all future global citizens.

The Service programme at NIST is at the heart of our learning programme because we recognise our shared responsibility as global citizens to make a positive difference in the world. Service Learning is developed in our community through intentional age-appropriate learning opportunities to build a service mindset, broaden perspectives as systems thinkers, and create local and global partnerships towards a sustainable future. As changemakers, we can work towards a sustainable future by advocating and taking action for people and the planet. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we encourage students to look at ways we can achieve peace and justice, equity and inclusivity, unity and collaboration.

NIST Learning Programme Swirl-Service
Angel Wishes

Members of the Angel Wishes service group help support children diagnosed with cancer, by partnering with and promoting the work of the Angel Foundation.

Art Relief Crew (ARC)

Partnering with Steps, members of the Art Relief Crew organise and run an art auction raising money for Steps, while raising awareness of the neurodiverse community.

Dreams We Believe In (DWBI)

The Dreams We Believe In service group is dedicated to creating a bond with, and fulfilling the dreams of, children living with HIV, helping to ensure the children feel accepted in the world.


Members of the FairNIST Serivce Group operate a non-profit social enterprise that works in the spirit of fair trade to support local communities and farmers in Chiang Mai. Members work and learn together with coffee farmers through training, research and development.


The FashioNIST Service Group aims to raise awareness of the harms of fast fashion, while also supporting and celebrating local artisans who create slow fashion such as weaving and dyeing.

Free to Be

The aim of the Free to Be Service Group is to raise awareness about discrimination and mistreatment of the LGBTQ+ community, and to create a safe space for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Members of the group aim to communicate and collaborate with all members of the NIST community, promoting LGBTQ+ events, information and awareness raising campaigns. 

Friends of the Immanuel Orchestra

Friends of the Immanuel Orchestra aim to assist the Immanuel Orchestra financially, as well as facilitate a bond between members of the orchestra and members of the NIST community. The service group values involvement and personal improvement, and works on various fundraising projects to help promote musical development.

Green Light

Members of the Green Light Service Group have a vision to raise awareness for the plight faced by thousands of victims of exploitation and human trafficking in Thailand. They wish to combine advocacy, fundraising, and service within the NIST community and Thailand to state and reinforce anti-trafficking measures within the region, while working to empower victims.

Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts Service Group members are trying to provide children with more opportunities in life. Members are passionate about spending time with children living in urban slums of Bangkok, as well as fundraising for essential items, food, toys and books that can be donated to the children. The group also raises money for essential hygiene items for elderly members of the community.


Members of the NIST Tech Service Group have a passion for technology and computer engineering. They aim to increase technical know-how, and use their technological knowledge to support the local community.

Rescued Glass

The Rescued Glass Service Group raises awareness of the importance of recycling by collecting used glass drinking bottles and transforming them into usable and decorative household items. 

The Falconer

Members of The Falconer Service Group work to make “The Falconer”, our NIST Newspaper, an informed place for community engagement in all areas of student life. They strive to make The Falconer a trustworthy and consistent source of information that provides a place for students to engage in writing, creativity and journalism.


Over the past three decades, NIST has cultivated a reputation for academic excellence.


Expeditions at NIST empower students to realise they are more than they think.


True learning and growth requires challenging yourself and stretching your boundaries.


Wellbeing is when people flourish and find meaning through connections to a caring community where they feel safe, secure and supported.