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Global Citizen Diploma

NIST is a member of a nine-school consortium who offer the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD). The GCD provides students with a credential that highlights the qualities of global citizenship, as well as the opportunity to describe their whole education qualitatively through reflection on their learning experiences.

Global Citizen Diploma


GCD Brand Change


The GCD is a diploma programme designed to complement the rigor of NIST’s Learning Programme by recognising a student’s comprehensive educational experience—learning that has taken place inside the classroom, within the larger context of school and in the world beyond.

The GCD at NIST provides students with a metacognitive framework to internalise and synthesise these unique and varied experiences in order to enhance self and global awareness. This programme supports students’ potential to contribute globally through deeper connections with divergent contexts and through the development of passions, talents, and skills that elevate the human condition.


The NIST Experience

The elements of the GCD celebrates the experiences and components provided at NIST as part of our identity. The program adds another layer of depth that enhances those experiences as it encourages students to metacognitively reflect on thinking and change as part of the process.


GCD Stories


Meet the GCD Student Steering Committee

GCD - Student Steering Committee

The Student Steering Committee (SSC) is a group of enthusiastic students who want to raise the profile of the GCD and global citizenship education at NIST. Their primary role is to represent the GCD programme in their respective advisories and to provide support to students when completing posts. They may also be expected to assist in conducting lessons to their advisories, updating the advisory on upcoming events.


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We offering IB program for comprehensive education and global perspectives.

Academic Performance

NIST students have traditionally excelled in these exams, posting scores well above the global averages, and often leading other schools in the region.