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Support Services

NIST International School supports students with an environment and resources for academic success

Our approach to support services is aligned with the NIST mission to inspire growth, empower excellence and enrich lives

We work to create a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for all students, inclusive of all abilities. We believe that every student in our care holds the potential to flourish, and it is our responsibility to ensure their access to the necessary resources and accommodations to help them achieve their highest level of learning success.

To support our students to flourish we will:

  1. Provide an inclusive learning environment that is sensitive to the diverse learning and wellbeing needs of our students.
  2. Implement a range of support services that cater to different learning styles, needs and abilities. This includes access to counselling, enrichment support, learning support and/or allied health services.
  3. Ensure that all staff have access to information and professional development so they are equipped to identify and address the needs of our students. 
  4. Encourage open, ongoing and confidential communication between students, staff and support service specialists to foster a collaborative, cooperative and supportive learning environment.
  5. Provide regular and open communication with parents to ensure effective home and school partnerships.
  6. Regularly review and evaluate our support services policy and procedures to ensure they are responsive to the evolving needs of our students.

NIST has the resources and staff to support students with a range of needs. To ensure all students can be provided high-quality support and education, before accepting a student to NIST we confirm:

  • the student's needs can be catered for in the short, medium and long term
  • the resources are available to meet their specific needs 
  • a pathway to graduation is available.

The school is committed to ensuring we offer a learning environment that supports the learning and wellbeing of the students in our care. Based on the information available we are confident our learning programme is accessible and the school environment is one where our students can flourish.

In accordance with this belief, NIST's responsibly managed approach and allocation of resources may not offer matched opportunities for students with intensive needs. 

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

NIST employs a highly skilled team of support specialists to cater to the diverse learning needs of our students. Through a referral system, a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) is used to determine the most appropriate intervention best suited to support the needs of the individual student. 

An additional level of specialised, targeted, and continuing one-to-one support may be required for some students to ensure full access to the learning programme. When either an allied health professional or a Student Support Coach (SSC) is part of the student's Individualised Education Plan (IEP), these costs are added to school fees and invoiced on a semester basis.