“Lost in Space” Is Out of This World

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When an intergalactic portal is opened between the galaxy Andromeda and the Milky Way, a lowly team of satellite repairmen must battle black holes, aliens and asteroid fields to overcome a menacing threat to planet Earth. When the dreaded Cyborgs enter the portal to claim the Milky Way for themselves, the fate of planet Earth is placed in the hands of the most unlikely of heroes: an engineer named Sparkie, a day-dreamer who loves to gaze longingly into space. Will planet Earth be saved? And will Sparkie really discover the truth about what lies beyond the stars?

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Over the past several years, the NIST Music Department has built a reputation for creating entirely original and top-notch musical productions. From the Time Traveling Tuk Tuk to Supernova!, they have delighted NIST audiences with creative stories, catchy tunes, and amazing sets and costumes. Writers, producers and NIST teachers Craig Chambers and Mark Bourgeois carried on the tradition this year with Lost in Space, a story that took our community into the far reaches of the universe.

Featuring a record-breaking number of elementary students—over 250 in total—the show played to a packed theatre on all three nights in which it ran, with tickets having sold out almost immediately upon going on sale. The reason for the demand was clear when the lights dimmed. From the costuming and lighting to the amazing makeup, supported by our very own NIPTA and parent volunteers, the show rivaled professional productions in quality and entertainment.

With so many successes, and such a large number of young talents in the school, the only question remaining is where they will go next. We’ve gone to the stars and back, and our community is excited to see where we be transported in the coming years!