Mixed Up! Returns to NIST This Friday

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Mixed Up! is an annual fundraising concert held at NIST, where students from international schools around the Bangkok area join together for a night of awesome music. Performers of all kinds bust out their best chords to win the battle of the bands, with other members of the community attending to cheer on their friends and family, and to support a meaningful cause.

As with previous years, all proceeds from Mixed Up! go to Love Wildlife Foundation’s Slow Loris program. The Bang Phra waterbird centre serves as a rescue center for captured and confiscated lorises, and all funds raised help to support THB 5,000 worth of monthly costs, including food and medicine for the lorises. Enclosures, a specialized clinic, and other required facilities, in addition to regular maintenance and needs, are also being supported by these proceeds.

Slow lorises have grown to be a large part of Thailand’s exotic pet trade and are exploited in the tourism industry by being captured as photo props. Many of these lorises have had their teeth removed (cut down or pulled out) by traffickers to make them more manageable and a safer “pet” for humans. Yet this causes serious infections and makes it impossible for the lorises to survive if returned to the wild. They are also affected by extensive habitat loss. Though wild populations of slow lorises have declined rapidly as a result of these factors, we can do something about it.

To support the cause, all members of the international school community are invited to attend this wild student initiative. The event is of a lovely evening atmosphere, whereby delicious food stalls and drinks will be sold, to accompany the wonderful music.

Tickets are THB 100 and are sold at the NIST entrance from 7:00 – 7:25 AM every day leading up to the event. Tickets can also be purchased at the door of the event. The concert will be held on Friday, 11 March from 6:00 PM onward with an estimated end time of 8:00 – 9:00 PM. The NIST shuttle service will be available all throughout the day. Please feel free to contact Am Chunnananda (student organizer) at 18amc@nist.ac.th or Matthew Salvatore (adult supervisor) at msalvatore@nist.ac.th for further inquiries.

To stay updated with the final running order (band list) and updates from the crew, check out the Facebook page and Facebook event, as well as their YouTube channel.