NIST Falcons Seize Record Number of SEASAC Championships

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Though topping last year’s achievements in sports posed a challenge to the NIST Falcons, they rose to the challenge in last weekend’s SEASAC tournaments, held from 20-22 March. With events taking place in three countries—Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore—our young athletes faced top competition from around the Southeast Asian region. When the final minute ended on Sunday, the Falcons had swept the softball and badminton tournaments—a SEASAC first—and netted several top places in the gymnastics tournament hosted at the school.


The boys and girls softball teams did not have to travel far for their tournament, hosted at Bangkok Patana School, but they were well-prepared for a challenge. Both teams grabbed top honors, and with the win the girls set an incredible mark of seven consecutive SEASAC championships. Several Falcons were also named as SEASAC MVPs:
  • Girls MVPs: Natasha Dunda (Y11), Anchilee (Ann) Scott-Kemmis (Y11), Mei Lin Nall (Y11) and Yeewah Kitsomsub (Y12)
  • Boys MVPs: Addy Worley (Y12), Gem Asawachatroj  (Y12), Koki  Yoshikawa (Y12) and Ping Ping Kitsiriboon (Y11)


NIST 2015 SEASAC Girls Badminton Champions


Further afield, the boys badminton team headed to Kuala Lumpur while the girls team flew to Singapore for their respective tournaments. Despite the distance, the Falcons again showed solidarity by winning both championships. More importantly, the NIST team also received the SEASAC Sportsmanship Award, a testament to the grace they’ve shown both on and off the court. Top seeds in the tournament included Sasicha (Singles 1), Patanque (Singles 2), and Joy and Grace (Doubles 1).


NIST 2015 SEASAC Boys Badminton Champions


One of the most exciting events of the weekend—the 2015 SEASAC Gymnastics Tournament—took place on our home campus. This was the third time the event has been hosted at NIST, and our gymnasts were eager to show their skills to a supportive home crowd. Once again, the Falcons earned high honors in both team and individual placements.
View photos of the gymnastics tournament in our Zenfolio album.


NIST 2015 SEASAC Gymnastics Tournament


Team Awards
  • Level 5 Girls: 2nd Place
  • Level 4 Girls: 2nd Place
  • Level 2 Girls – Junior: 4th Place
  • Level 5 Boys – 2nd Place
  • Level 4 Boys – 3rd Place
  • Level 3 Boys – 4th Place
  • Level 2 Boys – Junior: 2nd Place
Individual Awards
  • Pannin Reanchareonsuk: Champion, Level 4 Girls
  • Chanya Markels: 3rd Place, Level 2 Senior Girls
  • Fuga Nomura: Champion, Level 3 Boys
  • Jon Ferry: 2nd Place, Level 5 Boys
Congratulations to all of our Falcon athletes not only for their incredible performances, but also for the positive way in which they represented our community. Thanks as well to all of our coaches and staff who worked hard to achieve these results, and to our incredibly supportive parent community.


Go Falcons!