NIST Students Tackle Global Issues at 20th Annual MUN

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On Thursday, 3 March NIST International School traveled to Singapore to participate in the 20th annual SEASAC Model United Nations conference, hosted by Tanglin Trust School. NIST was one of ten schools from seven Asian nations to participate in this conference, where 200 international school students ranging from years 10 through 13 spent the weekend debating the world’s most vital and pressing issues.

Welcomed by the performances of numerous talented musicians at Tanglin Trust School, the NIST delegation started committee sessions on 4 March with excitement and drive. Partaking in nine different committees to debate 26 prominent global issues, our students represented four countries on a wide range of topics such as the question of tackling youth unemployment, the issue of addressing drug trafficking, and even on the discussion of United Nations reforms.

NIST students took a prominent leadership role in this year’s conference. Two of our students, Paul Keen (Class of 2018) and Mihir Patel (Class of 2017), took the main management role as Head Chairs of the ASEAN Committee and the International Court of Justice respectively. In addition to our Head Chairs, Alessandro Prügel (Class of 2018), Harshita Mahendra (Class of 2017), and Erdong Chen (Class of 2017) took leadership roles in the conference, with roles as Co-Chairs in the Human Rights Council and the Economic and Social Council.

At the end of the three-day event, NIST’s 20-strong delegation, led by Mrs. Robin Wilensky and Mr. Paul Pickering, emerged as one of the strongest at the conference. Delegates were ardent in submitting resolutions, offering amendments, and raising their placards to ask points of information, and their performance did not go unnoticed. Varun Subramaniam (Class of 2018) won the best delegate award for the GA6 Legal Committee, Shreyans Sethi (Class of 2018) won the best delegate award for the Economic and Social Council, and Hithalli Chawla (Class of 2017) won the Most Improved Delegate award in the Disarmament and International Security Committee.

This year’s SEASAC Model United Nations trip was an outstanding success; all of our delegates were able to contribute towards fruitful debate, and we came out of the conference more practiced, more aware, and able to better discuss the global issues that surround us today. All of the students found the trip to be both extremely educational and valuable experience, as well as a truly fun event to socialize and connect with students from all around Asia.

– Kengo Shigeta (Class of 2017)