NIST Turns Pink to Fight Cancer

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pinktober-2014Pinktober, held annually at NIST International School in order to raise awareness about cancer and women’s health, took place on Wednesday, 1 October. Aiming to raise funds to aid and contribute to the access of annual health screenings for all of our female support staff, the event is considered one of the most significant of the year due to the direct effect cancer has had on many members of our community. Through the combined efforts of our parent-teacher association (NIPTA) and Physical Education (PE) Department, over 190,000 baht was raised.

Breast cancer has a devastating effect in Thailand, accounting for over 40% of the cancer diagnoses among women according to the National Cancer Institute of Thailand. Combined with the social and economic impact, the disease tears apart families, many of whom are unaware of basic preventative measures. Within the NIST International School communities, many families have unfortunately dealt with cancer firsthand. Seeking to raise awareness and prevent others from experiencing the same tragedy, Pinktober was launched in 2011 in line with the global campaign.

Now in its fourth year, Pinktober has provided an opportunity to educate our students, staff and greater community about women’s health issues, and breast cancer in particular. The day-long event includes sales of cupcakes and T-shirts, as well as performances and informational materials. Through the efforts of NIPTA and the PE Department, nearly 200,000 was raised, going directly toward awareness campaigns and free cancer screenings for our female support staff. More importantly, it has allowed our community to come together to support those who have faced cancer in their families, providing compassion and understanding where it is most needed.