NIST Catering Services



NIST Catering uses a web-based system, Campus Online, which allows all users and parents to view menus and place orders for elementary school students. Parents with students in the secondary school can access the system to view what their child has been buying from the school catering service. Parents can also view the historical online orders of their children, set daily spending limits and change their email addresses. Other features may be added over time. To view reports, please use the Reports menu.



What should I do when I log in for the first time?

After logging in, please check that your contact details are correct. If not, please make the amendments accordingly in Veracross. At this point, you are also advised to check your child(ren)’s information to ensure that the information is correct. If not, please email the administrator at

How do I change my contact details?

Please log in to Veracross and click on My Family. Within a day, your details will change in the NIST Catering Campus Online system.

Can elementary students buy snacks before and after school?

Elementary students are free to purchase snacks before and after school. If you want to allow your child to do so, please make a separate payment to your family account via credit card or directly at the kiosk. Your child will then be able to buy snacks using finger print or smart card. Funds from the semester plan cannot be used to make purchases other than the daily morning snack and lunch.

How does my child receive lunch in the elementary school?

All students from early years through Year 6 must sign up for the semester plan if they wish to receive the daily catering service. We do not have an option for weekly or daily meal plans at the elementary level.

How do I recover my password if I lose or forget it?

The Campus Online system is linked to your Veracross account. If you have forgotten your user ID and/or password, you can go to the Veracross home page and click on “Forgot your password?” link.

How do I monitor and top up funds in my child’s account?

We have set the default minimum account to 500 Thai baht for each family account. The system will automatically send the head of household (as defined by Veracross system) a reminder email to your designated email address once the amount reaches below 500 Thai baht. You can then top up your account at your convenience. To change the minimum amount, you can click on [Profile Management] to make the change in the minimum limit accordingly.

Accounts can have funds added to them in one of three ways:

  1. ONLINE: You can use any credit card, SCB account or PayPal to top up your account from within the NIST Catering system. Choose the [E-Account] option then use the [Smartcard Top-Up] option. Please note that if you use the SCB top-up system there is a charge of 3.21%, or if using PayPal 4.4% + 10 Thai baht per transaction.
  2. CASH: Alternatively, you can top up using cash at the kiosk station located inside the school cafeteria or on the 3rd floor of The Hub. Cash payments can also be made at the NIST cashier’s office during office hours.
  3. CHEQUE: You can also top up your account via cheque at the NIST cashier’s office. However, please note that NIST Catering needs 5 working days to clear your cheque before the amount is credited to your account. This process may delay your orders. Also, if your cheque does not clear, you may incur additional costs.

What can I do with the Campus Online system if my child is in secondary?

If your child is in secondary, you can top up the account and also restrict the amount that can be spent per day.


Topping up the Account

Using this feature minimizes the amount of cash your child brings into school. To view how the money is spent in the cafeteria, click on [Reports] and then [Card Activity Report]. You will be prompted to enter the dates of the report that you require. More features may be added over time that will support cashless transactions for all students regardless of the grade.


Restricting Daily Spending

To restrict daily spending, click on [E-Account] and then [Set Spend Limit]. Select [Cafeteria] at the [Location] tab. You can then make the changes accordingly. At this point, it would be good to speak to your child about the limit you have set. This allows him/her to better manage spending in the canteens and cafe, as well as avoid any embarrassment resulting from the limit. Please select [Cafeteria] from the Location selection box when applying for spending limits. Balances can be checked at any time via the cafeteria kiosk.

What if my child has allergies or dietary restrictions?

If your child has an allergy, please make sure you inform the school, and also send NIST Catering an email. All allergy information will be entered onto your child’s account, and a warning notice will be displayed every time your child makes a purchase from our registers. If your child is using the elementary semester plan, we will see these restrictions when making the daily bentos and adjust the contents acordingly.

What should we do if my child loses the card?

You must let the NIST Catering Manager know as soon as you notice that you have lost your card. A fee of 150 Thai baht will be deducted from your account for each new replacement card, and the card will be loaded with all your remaining credit. Since the credit is stored in the database rather than the card, you will not lose any money.

To temporarily block the use of a card, a request can be made to NIST Catering, or you may set a zero spend limit (0.00) for your child in the Set-Spend-Limit menu, which will prevent further use.

Please note that the replacement card can only be issued during the office hours (see contact information at right).


Party Cupcake Orders

NIST Catering Cupcakes

To celebrate any special occasion in your child’s life, we offer a wide range of cupcakes, customized to your taste. We accept a minimum order of 10 cupcakes at a cost of 45 Thai baht each (small/elementary size) or 75 Thai baht each (large/secondary size). Please submit any order requests at least two days in advance to, and include the class location and time of delivery.

You may select any combination of cupcake and cream cheese frosting flavors:

  • Cupcake flavors: banana, banana chocolate chip, chocolate, blueberry, blueberry chocolate chip, coconut, vanilla, vanilla chocolate chip, mango, mango chocolate chip, passion fruit, passion fruit chocolate chip, apple crumble, strawberry, strawberry chocolate chip
  • Cream cheese frosting flavors: lemon, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, banana, passion fruit, honey