NIST Programmers Earn Recognition at VEX World Robotics Championship

Two teams of NIST Robotics secondary school students travelled to Louisville, Kentucky, USA, to compete at the  VEX World Robotics Championship after they qualified at the Thailand tournament. As the largest robotics competition in the world, the event drew 600 elementary school and 800 middle and high school teams from across the world this year, grouped in divisions of approximately 100 teams each. Since its launch over a decade ago, VEX has sought to use the competition to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, citing “an unprecedented need for new innovators, thinkers, and problem solving leaders.”


The NIST participants formed an all-middle-school team called DotDotBot that competed in the middle school competition (which included 200 teams) and a mixed middle and high school team called White Elephants that competed in the high school competition (which included a staggering 600 teams). Students learned valuable lessons on teamwork, perseverance, problem solving, taking initiative, communication, handling stressful situations and pressure, and more as they programmed, planned and operated their robots.

Team DotDotBot won the Judges Award for their division, one award of only 13 for each division. “The Judges Award is presented to a team that the judges determine is deserving of special recognition, meaning our young engineers made themselves stand out for their work in the competition!

One of the final events of the competition is always the unveiling of next year’s game, which at first glance appears to be a very challenging game: Turning Point.

As they left the tournament, NIST students were already buzzing about how to design robots that meet the challenge and stick to the rules of the competition. Throughout the past several years, more and more students at NIST have been engaged by the high level of competitiveness and hands-on learning that is involved in robotics, and the programme will likely continue to grow.

We look forward to seeing our future programmers, engineers and mathematicians on the world stage again soon!

Falcons Clinch Top Trophy at 4th Annual Falcons Young Fencer Invitational

As they prepared for the 4th Falcons Young Fencer Invitational, held from 22-23 April at NIST, the NIST Falcons Fencing Club held high hopes. When it launched as the first international school fencing club in Thailand, no one knew exactly how popular the sport would be, nor just how rapidly many of the young athletes would progress in skill. Four years later, no doubts remain. The Falcons accumulated the highest total team points, earned through multiple gold, silver and bronze medals – including a first-place finish from world-ranked Falcons fencer Soravit “Ping Ping” Kitsiriboon (Class of 2017).

Nearly 200 fencers from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines converged on the NIST Sports Complex for the tournament, which included individual and team brackets for competitors ranging from under 10 to under 20. Representing 16 clubs in total, they included both first-time and returning fencers. In total 52 of the NIST Falcons represented the school in the under 10, under 12, under 14, under 17 and under 20 categories.

With the competition underway, the Falcons Fencing Club took an early lead, with 12 fencers finishing one round before their first medals. Grace Larkin and Tem Taepaisitphongse advanced in the under 12 girls event before falling in the semifinals to challengers from Singapore and Malaysia, earning them both bronze medals. In the team events the Falcons truly began to shine, pulling in two gold, three silver and three bronze medals – enough to earn the overall trophy and demonstrating just how successful the fencing programme at the school has become.

A final highlight was Ping Ping’s contributions. In addition to refereeing during the first half of the tournament, he went on to compete in the under 20 category and narrowly edged out Kanisorn Pangmoon of the 1st Army Area Fencing Club with a score of 15-12 to earn a gold medal. It also marked his final performance as a Falcons fencer, as next year he will move on to Duke University in the United States, where he has also been accepted as a member of the Blue Devils Varsity Fencing Team.

Congratulations to all of the Falcons fencers, and we look forward to seeing more successes in the future!

Falcon Soar at Weekend Sports Tournaments

Our love for the Falcons must have been a good luck charm over the Valentine’s Day weekend as our young athletes earned championships in multiple sports and multiple tournaments across Bangkok. From the ever-popular Falcon Friendship Tournaments hosted here at NIST to events at Amnuay Silpa School and International School Bangkok (ISB), the Falcon teams flew into the competitions whole-heartedly and again demonstrated their dedication, perseverance and commitment to fair play.

On our home turf the Falcon Friendship Softball and Badminton Tournaments drew 17 teams and many more supporters to join in a celebration of friendly sport. UWC Dover from Singapore joined in once again and our NIPTA parents did a fantastic job providing healthy sausages for all the supporters! A big thank you also goes to all the coaches who have guided the students to achieving wonderful results: U19 Girls Badminton Champions, U19 Boys Softball Champions, U19 Girls Softball Champions and second place for the U19 Boys Badminton. Full results of the matches can be viewed on the tournament site.

Meanwhile the Falcon swimmers dove into the 2016 ANS Titans Sprint Challenge hosted at Amnuay Silpa School. An action-packed, one-day competition, it highlighted the incredibly talented and well-rehearsed routines of our swimmers. Both the students and coaches worked tirelessly leading up to the event to ensure that they were prepared and ready to compete and it was obvious that their perseverance and preparations paid off, with the boys and girls earning the overall championship. Special thanks go to all of the parents who came out to support their children and the rest of the team, and to the coaching staff for their commitment to the team! Individual results are detailed on the Falcon sports blog.

Finally, the Falcon gymnasts marked another memorable weekend competing in the 2016 ISB Black and Gold Gymnastics Competition, hosted at ISB both Saturday and Sunday. This year’s tournament was the largest to date, and our students performed incredibly well despite the increased level of competition, and earned multiple team and individual championships. Again, a big thanks to the coaches for their dedicated guidance and our parent supporters who cheered and supported the Falcons! This enthusiasm and dedication makes our programme special. Visit the Falcon sports blog for full details of the tournament.

What a weekend! While the great results testify to the combination of hard work and dedication by the athletes, as well as the coaches, they also represent the strong community that serves as a foundation for our athletics programme. The Falcon athletes, like all NIST students, succeed because they are willing to learn from failure, respect their peers and play with integrity. And without the guidance our teachers, parents, and coaches—whose passionate involvement in the sports programme drives this success—these results would not be possible. Go Falcons!

2014-2015 Falcon Sports in Review

Last year’s sports results marked a high point for the Falcon athletes, with over 50 championships and just as many top three trophies earned throughout the season. The 2014-2015 Falcon teams did not match that number.

They exceeded it.

Following the 28 weekend sports tournaments hosted here at NIST and many others across Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Falcons amassed 55 team and individual championships, and even more second and third place trophies. Their dominance in both BISAC and SEASAC events was so absolute that they earned the top overall SEASAC ranking in sports in which they participated.

However, as celebrated at the annual sports banquets, the weight of these accomplishments pales next to the tenacity, commitment and personal growth every athlete has demonstrated throughout the year. Over the past several years, NIST has worked hard to provide opportunities for all students to challenge themselves through sporting opportunities, whether in competitive sports or recreational programmes such as the Falcon Sports Development Programme.

The pride in being a Falcon is not only in a trophy. It’s in the dedication to teammates, the grace shown to opponents in both wins and losses, and the willingness to work through adversity. We are proud of all of our players for the courage it takes to simply challenge themselves. Thanks to them, and to all of our coaches, parents and supporters for another amazing year.

Go Falcons!


SEASAC Championships

U19 Girls Volleyball Girls Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 4: Pannin Reanchareonsuk
U19 Boys Basketball Boys Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 3: Fuga Nomura
U19 Girls Softball 12 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U19 Boys Softball Swimming Individual – 400m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Pattapan (B)
U19 Girls Badminton Swimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 200m Breastroke: Tharit Lee
U19 Boys Badminton (Division 2) Swimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Yuta Inoue


BISAC Championships

U19 Boys Volleyball Girls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Alyssa Thai
U19 Girls Volleyball Boys Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Benjamin Godfrey
U15 Boys Volleyball Girls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior All-Around: Praan Kulnides
U17 Boys Volleyball Girls Gymnastics Level 2 Senior All-Around: Chanya Markels
U19 Boys Tennis Boys Gymnastics Level 3 All-Around: Fuga Nomura
U15 Girls Tennis Girls Gymnastics Level 5 All-Around: Jasmine Tantituvanont
U19 Boys Softball Overall School Team Swimming
U19 Girls Softball Junior Team Swimming
U13 Boys Softball 8 & Under Boys Swimming Team
U19 Girls Badminton 9 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U15 Girls Badminton 10 Years Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Basketball 10 Years Girls Swimming Team
U17 Boys Soccer 11 & 12 Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Soccer 11 & 12 Girls Swimming Team
Girls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior 8 & Under Boys Individual Swimming: Liam Watanabe France
Girls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior 11 – 12 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Aim (Ruthairatch) Poonsornsiri
Girls Gymnastics Level 4 10 Year Old Girls Individual Swimming: Nam-Yen (Prin) Sriprasertying
Girls Gymnastics Level 5 13 – 14 Year Boys Individual Swimming: Tharit Lee
Boys Gymnastics Level 5 13 – 14 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Masako Leegomonchai


Falcon Young Fencer Invitational Championships

Overall Team

U12 Girls: Natwadee (Miya) Limpi-Angkanan

U17 Girls: Ratchapa (Susie) Chongthaweephol

U17 Boys: Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon

Falcons Earn 13 Championships over BISAC Weekend

The Falcons had little time to rest following the previous weekend’s intense SEASAC schedule, and a large number of our young athletes once again set out to make their mark during Saturday and Sunday’s BISAC tournaments. While here at NIST our U19 boys and girls badminton players defended their home court, others headed to ISB for the U19 Boys Softball and U15 Boys Tennis Tournaments, to BPS for the U19 Girls Softball and U15 Girls Tennis Tournaments, to the Windsor Park Golf Club for the BISAC Golf Tournament, and to HIS for the Short Course Swimming Championships.

With so many events happening, preparation was critical, and both the players and coaches deserve a great deal of credit for the hard work they put into training for the tournaments. In virtually every respect our sports programmes have continued to improve through the refinement of coaching and the dedication of the Falcon athletes. Though they went into the weekend with confidence, our players didn’t meet our expectations.

They exceeded them.

NIST 2015 BISAC U19 Boys Softball Champions

NIST 2015 BISAC U19 Girls Softball Champions

Saturday kicked off the weekend with badminton, softball and swimming. Following up on their dominant SEASAC performances, in which they both earned top trophies, both the U19 boys and girls softball teams again walked off the field as champions. The boys finished the season 17-0, outscoring their opponents 303-68. Here at NIST the badminton players showed their home spirit as well, facing stiff competition. By the end of the day the U19 girls team also earned the championship trophy—the third of the day. Not to be outdone, the swimmers were on track for excellent standings and were well-positioned for the second day of the event.

NIST 2015 BISAC U19 Girls Badminton Champions

A sleepy Sunday morning saw our golfers on the grass at Windsor Park Golf Club, and they all put in a superb effort. The young team, led by coach Deryck Ashcroft, has grown tremendously over the past year and share a positive attitude toward the sport. The small team includes Pann Pongsanarakul, Sitamon Ratanavadi, Sasawat Santivisat, Dew Tangsawatdumrong, Tunn Junhasavasdikul, Joey Surapakdi, Pat Junhasavasdikul, Nathan Suteesopon and Jay Jay Phandthong. That same passion was on display in our tennis teams, as the boys and girls teams challenged their peers at ISB and BPS. Both groups put on a great performance, and the U15 girls netted the fourth championship of the weekend.

NIST 2015 BISAC Golf Tournament

NIST 2015 BISAC U15 Girls Champions

At HIS the Falcon swimmers rounded out the day with a spectacular set of results. Their continued improvement was very evident as they pulled in a significant number of trophies in both the individual and team categories:


  • 8 & Under Boys Champion: Liam Watanabe France
  • 10 Year Old Girls Champion: Nam-Yen (Prin) Sriprasertying
  • 11 & 12 Year Old Girls Champion: Aim Poonsornsiri
  • 13 & 14 Year Old Boys Champion: Tharit Lee
  • 13 & 14 Year Old Girls Champion: Masako Leegomonchai


  • Overall School Swimming Champions
  • Juniors: 1st Place – Champions
  • Seniors: 2nd Place
  • 8 & Under Boys: 1st Place – Champions
  • 8 & Under Girls: 3rd Place
  • 9 Year Old Boys: 2nd Place
  • 9 Year Old Girls: 1st Place – Champions
  • 10 Year Old Boys & Girls: 1st Place – Champions
  • 11 & 12 Year Old Boys & Girls: 1st Place – Champions
  • 13 & 14 Year Old Boys & Girls: 2nd Place
  • 15 & Over Boys & Girls: 2nd Place

NIST 2015 BISAC Junior Swimming Championship

One weekend, 13 championships! The Falcons continue to impress with their tenacity and team spirit, and we’re proud of the praise they’ve received on and off the court. A special thanks must again go the coaches for their work in continuing to develop our athletes, as well as the parent groups which have been so generous in their support of the sports programmes. With the last tournaments still to come, we look forward to ending the year with even more great results.

Go Falcons!

NIST Falcons Seize Record Number of SEASAC Championships

Though topping last year’s achievements in sports posed a challenge to the NIST Falcons, they rose to the challenge in last weekend’s SEASAC tournaments, held from 20-22 March. With events taking place in three countries—Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore—our young athletes faced top competition from around the Southeast Asian region. When the final minute ended on Sunday, the Falcons had swept the softball and badminton tournaments—a SEASAC first—and netted several top places in the gymnastics tournament hosted at the school.


The boys and girls softball teams did not have to travel far for their tournament, hosted at Bangkok Patana School, but they were well-prepared for a challenge. Both teams grabbed top honors, and with the win the girls set an incredible mark of seven consecutive SEASAC championships. Several Falcons were also named as SEASAC MVPs:
  • Girls MVPs: Natasha Dunda (Y11), Anchilee (Ann) Scott-Kemmis (Y11), Mei Lin Nall (Y11) and Yeewah Kitsomsub (Y12)
  • Boys MVPs: Addy Worley (Y12), Gem Asawachatroj  (Y12), Koki  Yoshikawa (Y12) and Ping Ping Kitsiriboon (Y11)


NIST 2015 SEASAC Girls Badminton Champions


Further afield, the boys badminton team headed to Kuala Lumpur while the girls team flew to Singapore for their respective tournaments. Despite the distance, the Falcons again showed solidarity by winning both championships. More importantly, the NIST team also received the SEASAC Sportsmanship Award, a testament to the grace they’ve shown both on and off the court. Top seeds in the tournament included Sasicha (Singles 1), Patanque (Singles 2), and Joy and Grace (Doubles 1).


NIST 2015 SEASAC Boys Badminton Champions


One of the most exciting events of the weekend—the 2015 SEASAC Gymnastics Tournament—took place on our home campus. This was the third time the event has been hosted at NIST, and our gymnasts were eager to show their skills to a supportive home crowd. Once again, the Falcons earned high honors in both team and individual placements.
View photos of the gymnastics tournament in our Zenfolio album.


NIST 2015 SEASAC Gymnastics Tournament


Team Awards
  • Level 5 Girls: 2nd Place
  • Level 4 Girls: 2nd Place
  • Level 2 Girls – Junior: 4th Place
  • Level 5 Boys – 2nd Place
  • Level 4 Boys – 3rd Place
  • Level 3 Boys – 4th Place
  • Level 2 Boys – Junior: 2nd Place
Individual Awards
  • Pannin Reanchareonsuk: Champion, Level 4 Girls
  • Chanya Markels: 3rd Place, Level 2 Senior Girls
  • Fuga Nomura: Champion, Level 3 Boys
  • Jon Ferry: 2nd Place, Level 5 Boys
Congratulations to all of our Falcon athletes not only for their incredible performances, but also for the positive way in which they represented our community. Thanks as well to all of our coaches and staff who worked hard to achieve these results, and to our incredibly supportive parent community.


Go Falcons!

Falcon Fencer Wins Silver at 2015 IPE Fencing Competition

NIST student Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon, already recognized as one of Thailand’s elite young fencers, turned in another great performance at the 2015 IPE Fencing Competition, held at the Institute of Physical Education in Chonburi on Sunday, 15 February. An all-around athlete, Soravit began the weekend with victories in the softball tournament held against other Bangkok international schools. Fired up by his team’s excellent performance, he entered Sunday’s open fencing competition with a competitive mindset.

Through the day Soravit showcased his potential as a world-class sabre fencer, and won his first silver medal at a competition in the highest age class for fencing in Thailand. The competition began with victories during the group stage, where he faced five other fencers in the pool and overwhelmed each opponent, winning every match without being struck even once. Moving on from the group stage, Soravit was ranked first for the elimination round and thus secured an easy bracket. His final fight was a tight match with Voragun Srinualnad, from the Air Force Fencing Club, and at the half he was behind by a narrow margin, 6-8. Despite a strong effort by Soravit, Voragun secured the match 15-8.

NIST 2015 IPE Fencing Tournament - Soravit Receiving the Silver Medal

Other Falcons fencers competed at the tournament as well, including Arjun Srikureja, who made the group stage as well and earned his first ranking points for the open class level, and fourteen-year-old Kritanut Lerthirunvibul, who showed a great fighting heart despite not passing the group stage. Even our staff members were in on the action, with Falcon Fencing Club Administrator Wijitta Takhamwong winning a bronze medal in women’s épée.

Congratulations to the Soravit and the Falcon Fencing Club for another strong performance, and we look forward to more action later this year!

NIST Students Win National & International Equestrian Championships

Pam Vuntanadit (Year 12) and her younger sister Patty (Year 9) are making their parents and the school proud with their recent achievements at two national and international events: Thailand’s national championship and the 2014 Fédération Equestre Internationale World Dressage Challenge. These achievements would not have been possible without their dedication and hard work, as well as support from their parents and teachers.

Organized by the Thailand Equestrian Federation, the Thailand Dressage Championship is the biggest national tournament, and the top prize is awarded through the accumulation of points from all matches throughout the year. Based on her consistently excellent performances, Patty was the winner of Thailand’s Championship Dressage Open for the medium level this year. Not to be outdone, her older sister Pam won first place in the King’s Cup Dressage Competition for freestyle and music (medium level), for which she composed her own music and designed her own dressage test performance.

One of the key annual international competitions is the World Dressage Challenge, which allows competitors to participate against others in their region. For 2014 World Dressage in, Pam won first place in advanced level for Thailand and ranked fifth in zone 8, which includes competitors from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and India. She and her horse Escudo also received the best-presented horse trot-up award for the third consecutive year. Patty competed as part of the Thailand team that won first place (elementary junior level) in zone 8, and as an individual she won third place overall.

Congratulations to both Pam and Patty for their recent achievements, and we wish them the best in their next competition at the upcoming national game in Nakorn Ratchasima in December.

Falcons Dominate BISAC & SEASAC in Season 1 Sports

Congratulations to our Falcon athletes who competed for NIST in tournaments from 31 October to 2 November. With the first season of sports wrapping up, our Falcons are SEASAC and BISAC champions in basketball, rugby, soccer and volleyball! Their performance and conduct, both on and off the courts and fields, was fantastic, and the school is proud of their contributions throughout the season as they acted as ambassadors for the greater NIST community.

In the most recent weekend tournaments, 18 NIST teams were split across two countries, with 18 teams, 250 athletes, 33 coaches and a virtual army of supportive parents taking part. While the final results were excellent, the more important return came in the form of the commendations our students received for their conduct. Our differing sports share one commonality: they are frameworks that not only promote physical health, but also develop skills in leadership and teamwork. In doing so they align to NIST’s vision of learning and allow our athletes to apply the lessons on the court and field to their lives. 

We look forward to seeing many of our athletes playing again throughout the year in the other sporting opportunities.