Dreams We Believe In: Biking for Baan Gerda

Our student-run service group Dreams We Believe In (DWBI) is proud to introduce a new service activity: Biking for Baan Gerda.

This weekly fundraising activity provides fun and exciting biking opportunity through suburban Bangkok, and at the same time supports the children living with HIV at Baan Gerda in Lopburi. All proceeds go to the children living at Baan Gerda, and all participants get a certificate of appreciation for their donation. Through this tour, you will be able to experience the every-day life of Thais in suburban Bangkok. Are you up for something different? This will be a memorable experience for sure.

NIST Student with a Child from Baan Gerda

We cycle on the elevated pathways of Phra Khanong klong system. This part of the tour will make you feel as you are back in the 19th century. Many temples and buildings here were built in the 1850s, and the residents still live a very traditional life. What makes this area especially interesting is that Buddhists and Muslims live side by side. You will see both temples and mosques along the klong.

We also visit the home of Thailand’s most famous ghost, Mae Nak. The shrine of Mae Nak at Wat Mahabut makes for one of the most interesting and unique places you can visit in Bangkok. Mae Nak lived in the 19th century, but she is very much alive in the minds and hearts of Thais even today.

We then stop for a picnic in one of Bangkok’s biggest and most beautiful parks, unknown to most tourists. Rama 9 Park is a large quiet space with a distinctly local flavor in northeastern Bangkok. It has themed gardens surrounding a central lake. This is a place where suburban Bangkokians come for family picnics, exercise, jogging, Tai Chi, and dates in the paddleboats.

We cycle around the picturesque Lake Nong Bon, which covers 250 acres. Lake Nong Bon hosts a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. This is one of Bangkok’s most stunning areas, showcasing the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The tours take 4-6 hours and run on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For more information visit the Dreams We Believe In site.

NIST High School Counsellor Joachim Ekstrom

The Dreams We Believe In service group was initiated in 2009 by Ishita Trivedi, Pearl Jain, Anchal Mirchandani and Sakina Kapasi (Class of 2011) as a CAS service project. The project has been running for 6 years now, and students have launched various successful fundraisers and organized many activities for children living with HIV. Prior to the 2014-15 academic year, DWBI worked with the Mercy Centre, and recently shifted to begin supporting Baan Gerda, a children’s charity in Lopburi providing care for orphans living with HIV.