Exciting New Research Indicates MYP Students Are “Flourishing”

Research-SpotlightResearchers at Flinders University in Australia, exploring the social and emotional health of students from 11 to 16 years old in MYP schools, have found that these students are more self-aware, resilient and engaged in school than their non-MYP counterparts. Research has long shown that social and emotional health–besides being desirable qualities in their own right–are also key indicators of student success both academically and socially. These qualities have always been a central part of both the philosophy and curriculum of the MYP, in which developing knowledgeable, balanced and caring students is a priority.

The results of the study suggest that MYP schools are helping to build the empathy, self-concept, peer relationships, school relationships, self-reflection, resilience and confidence of MYP students. Some highlights from the study include:

  • 54.1% of MYP students can be described as flourishing. For context, similar studies of students in the US from non-MYP schools indicated that 38% were flourishing.
  • 61% of MYP students reported a positive sense of global self-concept.
  • 75% of MYP students indicated they were engaging in self-reflection.
  • More than half of MYP students indicate they felt resilient “often” or “nearly all the time”.
  • 80% of MYP students indicate they are satisfied with school.

Read full details of the study at the IB website. NIST’s has traditionally taken a lead among IB schools in developing the MYP, working directly with the IB to pilot more new programmes more than any other school worldwide. This has enabled us to both maintain consistency and continually implement the most recent research results into the curriculum.

– Barclay Lelievre, Deputy Head of Secondary – Curriculum