NIST Officially Launches Partnership with Chelsea FC

On Friday, 20 November NIST and the ​Chelsea Football Club Foundation officially marked the opening of Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok. The soccer school aims to offer opportunities for all young players, male and female, from ages 4 to 16 years old to connect through a very unique and authentic Chelsea FC Foundation programme.

Chelsea FC Foundation International Development Manager Ian Woodroffe remarked, “Since the Chelsea FC ‘Here to Play, Here to Stay’ first team tour to Thailand in 2011, it has been our mission to develop the right partnerships that positively support the community soccer school programmes, thus helping Chelsea FC leave a legacy beyond the first team tour games. In 2013 and more recently 2015 we played in an exhibition game versus the Thai All-Stars as part of the post-season tour after winning the 2014-2015 premier league title.

The partnership with NIST is extremely positive and a very unique, new model as we now venture into a new phase of football development. To many, the NIST relationship could be perceived as exclusive. However, this is far from the truth. The strength of the relationship between the Chelsea FC Foundation and NIST stems from their shared values. Both organizations are not-for-profits that seek to enrich youth by inspiring and encouraging them to pursue individual excellence and improve their performance through participation in this beautiful game.”

James MacDonald, Head of School at NIST, stated that “NIST believes in supporting and enriching not only our students, but also the greater community. As a leading IB school, we strive to nurture learners who are balanced and principled. This parallels Chelsea FC’s philosophy, which includes a belief in fair play and respect for others. Through this partnership, we can enrich the opportunities for all youth in Bangkok through our own programmes and those at other schools.”

As the regional office for the Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok, NIST offers a central base and office with access to their FIFA-certified artificial pitch at set times throughout the week. Additionally, programmes will be offered at external schools, some of which are already in action at locations across Bangkok. Beyond the coaching sessions at these schools, other programmes on offer at NIST include holiday courses, weekend coaching clinics, player development programmes and specialised activities.

Woodroffe also provided a preview of the soccer school’s future: “We will also be offering many opportunities to play fixtures and structured competitions, both in Thailand and with our other soccer school partners in Asia during 2016. High points to watch out for will be the regional football festival hosted at NIST during August 2016 and a UK coaching visit, where we aim to take a group of players to our training facility in Surrey for a true blue experience.

We hope the the wider community will also appreciate that by placing two of our own Chelsea FC Foundation coaching staff from the UK in Bangkok to run and develop the programme, this will take will take it to another level. We pride ourselves on being unique, as well as training our Thai coaches the Chelsea FC way, making us very confident this will impact the football community positively.”

2014-2015 Falcon Sports in Review

Last year’s sports results marked a high point for the Falcon athletes, with over 50 championships and just as many top three trophies earned throughout the season. The 2014-2015 Falcon teams did not match that number.

They exceeded it.

Following the 28 weekend sports tournaments hosted here at NIST and many others across Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Falcons amassed 55 team and individual championships, and even more second and third place trophies. Their dominance in both BISAC and SEASAC events was so absolute that they earned the top overall SEASAC ranking in sports in which they participated.

However, as celebrated at the annual sports banquets, the weight of these accomplishments pales next to the tenacity, commitment and personal growth every athlete has demonstrated throughout the year. Over the past several years, NIST has worked hard to provide opportunities for all students to challenge themselves through sporting opportunities, whether in competitive sports or recreational programmes such as the Falcon Sports Development Programme.

The pride in being a Falcon is not only in a trophy. It’s in the dedication to teammates, the grace shown to opponents in both wins and losses, and the willingness to work through adversity. We are proud of all of our players for the courage it takes to simply challenge themselves. Thanks to them, and to all of our coaches, parents and supporters for another amazing year.

Go Falcons!


SEASAC Championships

U19 Girls VolleyballGirls Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 4: Pannin Reanchareonsuk
U19 Boys BasketballBoys Gymnastics – Overall Individual Level 3: Fuga Nomura
U19 Girls Softball12 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U19 Boys SoftballSwimming Individual – 400m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Pattapan (B)
U19 Girls BadmintonSwimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 200m Breastroke: Tharit Lee
U19 Boys Badminton (Division 2)Swimming Individual – 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke: Yuta Inoue


BISAC Championships

U19 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Alyssa Thai
U19 Girls VolleyballBoys Gymnastics Level 1 Junior All-Around: Benjamin Godfrey
U15 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior All-Around: Praan Kulnides
U17 Boys VolleyballGirls Gymnastics Level 2 Senior All-Around: Chanya Markels
U19 Boys TennisBoys Gymnastics Level 3 All-Around: Fuga Nomura
U15 Girls TennisGirls Gymnastics Level 5 All-Around: Jasmine Tantituvanont
U19 Boys SoftballOverall School Team Swimming
U19 Girls SoftballJunior Team Swimming
U13 Boys Softball8 & Under Boys Swimming Team
U19 Girls Badminton9 & Under Girls Swimming Team
U15 Girls Badminton10 Years Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Basketball10 Years Girls Swimming Team
U17 Boys Soccer11 & 12 Boys Swimming Team
U13 Boys Soccer11 & 12 Girls Swimming Team
Girls Gymnastics Level 1 Junior8 & Under Boys Individual Swimming: Liam Watanabe France
Girls Gymnastics Level 2 Junior11 – 12 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Aim (Ruthairatch) Poonsornsiri
Girls Gymnastics Level 410 Year Old Girls Individual Swimming: Nam-Yen (Prin) Sriprasertying
Girls Gymnastics Level 513 – 14 Year Boys Individual Swimming: Tharit Lee
Boys Gymnastics Level 513 – 14 Year Girls Individual Swimming: Masako Leegomonchai


Falcon Young Fencer Invitational Championships

Overall Team

U12 Girls: Natwadee (Miya) Limpi-Angkanan

U17 Girls: Ratchapa (Susie) Chongthaweephol

U17 Boys: Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon

BISAC Gymnastics & Tennis End Season on High Note

Closing one of our most successful years in sports, our young Falcon gymnasts and tennis players added to the impressive list of accomplishments. The NIST Sports Complex again hosted the annual BISAC gymnastics tournament, which drew not only a large pool of competitors, but also a very energetic home crowd. We have been fortunate to have incredible parent support for all sports teams this year, and with family and friends looking on, the Falcon gymnasts did not disappoint. By the end of the two-day competition, they added five team championships, six individual championships and even more top trophies to an already long list.

Photos of the event are available on our Zenfolio album.

NIST 2015 BISAC Under 11 Tennis Team

Equally motivated, our young tennis players took part in the BISAC Under 11 Tournament, one of the fastest growing sports in the league. Like their peers, they showed incredible perseverance while playing against top talent from many of the other major BISAC schools, including ISB, Bangkok Patana and Harrow. While every player showed improvement through the effort they’ve put into practices, the girls in particular had the chance to shine, sweeping the first group and nearly doing the same for the second.

Thank you once again to all of the Falcon athletes, coaches, parents and supporters for a wonderful year of sports. We’re proud of each and every one of you for your individual contributions, and the pride and grace you show in representing our community. Go Falcons!

Gymnastics Team Awards


  • Team Champions: Level 1 Junior, Level 2 Junior, Level 4, Level 5
  • 2nd Place: Level 1 Senior, Level 3


  • Team Champions: Level 5
  • 2nd Place: Level 0, Level 4
  • 3rd Place: Level 1 Junior, Level 3

Gymnastics Individual All-Around Awards


  • Level 1 Junior Girls: Alyssa Thai – All-Around Champion, Katie Talmadge – 3rd Place
  • Level 2 Junior Girls: Praan Kulnides – All-Around Champion, Paris Ingpochai – 2nd Place, Avigal Sayag – 3rd Place
  • Level 2 Senior Girls: Chanya Markels – All-Around Champion
  • Level 4 Girls: Kadidja Djombana – 2nd Place, Pannin Reanchareonsuk – 3rd Place
  • Level 5 Girls: Jasmine Tantituvanont – All-Around Champion, Meg Curotta – 2nd Place


  • Level 1 Junior Boys: Benjamin Godfrey – All-Around Champion
  • Level 3 Boys: Fuga Nomura – All-Around Champion
  • Level 5 Boys: Jon Ferry – 2nd Place

Tennis Awards


  • 1st Place: Superada
  • 2nd Place: Gemma
  • 3rd Place: Tinna

Girls – 2nd in Group

  • 1st Place: Nam Yen
  • 3rd Place: Prim

Falcon Fencing Club Earns Overall Championship

Defending their trophy from last year’s inaugural Falcon Young Fencer Invitational, the NIST fencers once again seized the home advantage and finished the weekend tournament with top honors. From 2-3 May, NIST was visited by many of Thailand’s top young fencers for the tournament, which was attended by teams from around Thailand, as well as from Singapore. The 2015 invitational also marked the first to receive official recognition from the Thai Fencing Federation (TFF), which accredited the event.

With the theme “Code of Honor”, the event was well received by the 85 fencers who represented eight teams in total, as well as age groups not typically represented in national tournaments. Awards were given for both boys and girls at the U12, U14, U17 and U20 age groups, as well as a mixed U10 group. During the team competition, national coach Somkhit Phongyoo and Coach Willi Kothny implemented a mixed-team format, with one national team fencer, one Falcon fencer and one more from another club. This format not only allowed the competitors to share trophies and medals, but also their experiences in the sport.

Off the fencing strip, the Thai Fencing Federation praised the organizational effort, citing the Falcon Fencing Club as a model for other clubs. The Falcon Fencing Committee effectively transitioned a competitive sport that is largely undeveloped in Thailand into a well-managed, professional tournament, pulling in sponsorships and strengthening the Falcon Fencing Club in the process. With their many recent successes, the club has become another powerful example of our vibrant NIST community.

For more photos of the event, visit our Zenfolio album. In addition to the overall trophy earned by the Falcon fencers, congratulations to the individual medal winners:


U10 Mixed

Silver: Chirapon (Tor) Taepaisitphongse

Bronze: Nattaros (Mek) Saengchaiwutthikul

U12 Girls

Gold: Natwadee (Miya) Limpi-Angkanan

Bronze: Nattasiri (Mok) Viravaidya & Ranchida (Tem) Teapaisitphongse

NIST 2015 Falcon Young Fencer Invitational - U12 Girls

U12 Boys

Silver: Pheem Intarakumthonchai

Bronze: Patrick Voortman

NIST 2015 Falcon Young Fencer Invitational - U12 Boys

U17 Girls

Gold: Ratchapa (Susie) Chongthaweephol

U17 Boys

Gold: Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon

U20 Girls

Bronze: Ratchapa (Susie) Chongthaweephol & Reya Lamsam

NIST 2015 Falcon Young Fencer Invitational - U20 Girls

U20 Boys

Bronze: Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon

NIST 2015 Falcon Young Fencer Invitational - U20 Boys



About the NIST Falcon Fencing Club
The NIST Falcon Fencing Club is the first international school fencing club in Thailand. Having become a member of the Amateur Fencing Association of Thailand (AFAT) in July 2013, it now includes over 30 fencers, with over 30 more students enrolled in the sport as an extra-curricular activity and aiming to join the club. Having doubled over the course of the last year, the sport has grown rapidly, as has the team of highly qualified coaches.

Leading the young Falcons is Head Coach Wiradech (Willi) Kothny, a decorated fencing aficionado who holds the distinction of being the only fencing athlete to win medals for two countries: Germany and Thailand. Kothny joined NIST in June of 2013, aiming to empower the NIST Falcons to compete on the national and international levels. With a growing number of promising fencers at NIST and around the country, and the backing of an Olympian and TFF, Thailand may soon find more success on the international stage.

Falcons Close Year with BISAC & SEASAC Highs

In a year filled with highlights, NIST’s Falcon athletes ended the third and final season on a high note. From February to the end of April, 395 students represented NIST formally at SEASAC and BISAC competitions in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Bangkok. In addition to this high level of participation, the Falcons again aimed for excellence, not only in the results, but also in their improvement as players and individuals.

Though all of the Falcon teams performed well throughout the year, their efforts in SEASAC events were particularly notable. Based on the SEASAC sports in which NIST teams participated, the Falcons achieved the highest overall standing among all SEASAC schools. In several sports this include complete sweeps of the competition, and also continued several remarkable series of championships that stretch back several years.

NIST BISAC U13 Boys Softball Champions

Building on our reputation as a major player in the two leagues, our school also hosted eight tournaments during this period, ranging from the SEASAC gymnastics tournament, which included over 400 competitors, to local BISAC events. Despite the season officially wrapping up, two other major events have yet to be held in our Sports Complex: the 2015 Falcon Young Fencer Invitational and the 2015 BISAC Gymnastics Championships.

NIST BISAC U15 Boys Volleyball Champions

Congratulations to all of the students who have taken the opportunity to be involved in the sports programme, and thanks to our parent groups for consistently supporting the teams, and the coaching staff for their commitment and work with our students. The most impressive testament to the many accomplishments of the Falcons is not the number of trophies, but rather the persistence and resilience each and every athlete has shown. Through their dedication, they have matured as players, demonstrated grace and sportsmanship, and challenged themselves to grow.

2015 Season 3 SEASAC Team Results

Girls Badminton
Girls Softball
Boys Softball
Boys Badminton – Division 2
Girls 12 & Under Team Swimming

2nd Place
Girls Tennis
Boys Tennis
Girls Level 5 Team Gymnastics
Girls Level 4 Team Gymnastics
Boys Level 5 Team Gymnastics
Boys Level 2 Team Gymnastics
Boys 12 & Under Team Swimming
Boys 13 & 14 Team Swimming

3rd Place
Boys Combined Team Swimming
Boys Level 4 Team Gymnastics

4th Place
Girls Level 2 Junior Team Gymnastics
Boys Level 3 Team Gymnastics

2015 Season 3 BISAC Team Results

U19 Boys Softball
U19 Girls Softball
U19 Girls Badminton
U15 Boys Volleyball
U13 Boys Softball
U15 Girls Tennis
Overall School Team Swimming
Junior Team Swimming
Boys 8 & Under Team Swimming
Girls 9 & Under Team Swimming
Boys 10 Years Team Swimming
Girls 10 Years Team Swimming
Boys 11 & 12 Team Swimming
Girls 11 & 12 Team Swimming

2nd Place
U17 Boys Softball
U11 T-Ball
U15 Boys Tennis
Senior Team Swimming
Boys 9 & Under Team Swimming
Boys 13 & 14 Team Swimming
Girls 13 & 14 Team Swimming
Boys 15 & Over Team Swimming
Girls 15 & Over Team Swimming

3rd Place
U19 Boys Badminton
U17 Girls Softball
U11 Girls T-Ball

4th Place
U15 Girls Volleyball
U13 Boys Volleyball
U13 Girls Volleyball

2015 NIST Golf Tournament Raises THB 1.4 Million

NIST 2015 Golf Tournament Results

NIST’s 5th annual golf tournament, held on 17 February in collaboration with Amata Spring Country Club in Chonburi, set a new high for the event. The Amata Spring Country Club is one of the few exclusive members-only courses in Thailand, and is the host for the annual Thailand Golf Championship, making it the perfect venue for the tournament. Enjoying gorgeous weather while covering the course, the 35 teams that took part not only provided generous support for our community, but also had the opportunity to network and socialize.

Regardless of the number of shots carded, the golfers all enjoyed the opportunity to pit their skills against the challenging course, as well as their peers. The competition gave way to a buffet dinner, live band and raffle in the evening as the sun dropped over the 18th green and fairway. The generosity of the event sponsors and donors ensured that most of the golfers were able to return home with a prize or trophy. The team winners this year, GE, claimed the Chairman’s Trophy.

As a not-for-profit foundation school, our community largely depends on the support of individuals, groups and organizations that share our vision of changing the world through education. Thanks to our generous sponsors and golfers, proceeds from past tournaments have gone toward campus development at the school. This year we were fortunate to raise a grand total of THB 1,420,482! These proceeds will not only ensure that we can continue providing a high-quality education to our students, but also continue positively impacting the lives of others.

The entire NIST community extends a warm thank you to all of the sponsors, as well as Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa and Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas for providing lucky draw vouchers.

Bronze Sponsors

NIST 2015 Golf Tournament Bronze Sponsors

Falcon Fencer Wins Silver at 2015 IPE Fencing Competition

NIST student Soravit (Ping Ping) Kitsiriboon, already recognized as one of Thailand’s elite young fencers, turned in another great performance at the 2015 IPE Fencing Competition, held at the Institute of Physical Education in Chonburi on Sunday, 15 February. An all-around athlete, Soravit began the weekend with victories in the softball tournament held against other Bangkok international schools. Fired up by his team’s excellent performance, he entered Sunday’s open fencing competition with a competitive mindset.

Through the day Soravit showcased his potential as a world-class sabre fencer, and won his first silver medal at a competition in the highest age class for fencing in Thailand. The competition began with victories during the group stage, where he faced five other fencers in the pool and overwhelmed each opponent, winning every match without being struck even once. Moving on from the group stage, Soravit was ranked first for the elimination round and thus secured an easy bracket. His final fight was a tight match with Voragun Srinualnad, from the Air Force Fencing Club, and at the half he was behind by a narrow margin, 6-8. Despite a strong effort by Soravit, Voragun secured the match 15-8.

NIST 2015 IPE Fencing Tournament - Soravit Receiving the Silver Medal

Other Falcons fencers competed at the tournament as well, including Arjun Srikureja, who made the group stage as well and earned his first ranking points for the open class level, and fourteen-year-old Kritanut Lerthirunvibul, who showed a great fighting heart despite not passing the group stage. Even our staff members were in on the action, with Falcon Fencing Club Administrator Wijitta Takhamwong winning a bronze medal in women’s épée.

Congratulations to the Soravit and the Falcon Fencing Club for another strong performance, and we look forward to more action later this year!

Falcons Dominate BISAC & SEASAC in Season 1 Sports

Congratulations to our Falcon athletes who competed for NIST in tournaments from 31 October to 2 November. With the first season of sports wrapping up, our Falcons are SEASAC and BISAC champions in basketball, rugby, soccer and volleyball! Their performance and conduct, both on and off the courts and fields, was fantastic, and the school is proud of their contributions throughout the season as they acted as ambassadors for the greater NIST community.

In the most recent weekend tournaments, 18 NIST teams were split across two countries, with 18 teams, 250 athletes, 33 coaches and a virtual army of supportive parents taking part. While the final results were excellent, the more important return came in the form of the commendations our students received for their conduct. Our differing sports share one commonality: they are frameworks that not only promote physical health, but also develop skills in leadership and teamwork. In doing so they align to NIST’s vision of learning and allow our athletes to apply the lessons on the court and field to their lives. 

We look forward to seeing many of our athletes playing again throughout the year in the other sporting opportunities.

2014 Varsity Volleyball & Soccer Phoenix Invitational Champions

Congratulations to the NIST Falcon Varsity Volleyball and Soccer Teams for their efforts last weekend at the 2014 Phoenix Varsity Soccer and Volleyball Invitational Tournaments. 16 teams attended this all-day event at Ruamrudee International School. Building on the previous year’s strong showing, they again came out on top, seizing two championships and two second place trophies. Congratulations again, Falcons, and thank you to all the coaches and supporters!

NIST Varsity Boys Soccer – Champions
NIST Varsity Girls Volleyball – Champions

NIST Varsity Girls Soccer – 2nd Place
NIST Varsity Boys Volleyball – 2nd Place