NIST Students Win National & International Equestrian Championships

Pam Vuntanadit (Year 12) and her younger sister Patty (Year 9) are making their parents and the school proud with their recent achievements at two national and international events: Thailand’s national championship and the 2014 Fédération Equestre Internationale World Dressage Challenge. These achievements would not have been possible without their dedication and hard work, as well as support from their parents and teachers.

Organized by the Thailand Equestrian Federation, the Thailand Dressage Championship is the biggest national tournament, and the top prize is awarded through the accumulation of points from all matches throughout the year. Based on her consistently excellent performances, Patty was the winner of Thailand’s Championship Dressage Open for the medium level this year. Not to be outdone, her older sister Pam won first place in the King’s Cup Dressage Competition for freestyle and music (medium level), for which she composed her own music and designed her own dressage test performance.

One of the key annual international competitions is the World Dressage Challenge, which allows competitors to participate against others in their region. For 2014 World Dressage in, Pam won first place in advanced level for Thailand and ranked fifth in zone 8, which includes competitors from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and India. She and her horse Escudo also received the best-presented horse trot-up award for the third consecutive year. Patty competed as part of the Thailand team that won first place (elementary junior level) in zone 8, and as an individual she won third place overall.

Congratulations to both Pam and Patty for their recent achievements, and we wish them the best in their next competition at the upcoming national game in Nakorn Ratchasima in December.