GPS Tracking with RFID Student Card

montriMontri Transport Corporation PCL is pleased to announce that they plan to implement a new GPS tracking system with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) student cards. This system is used to track riders boarding the bus in the morning and afternoon, and provide information to parents via email. The new system will be launched on Monday, 8 September 2014 for all NIST school bus riders; RFID student cards will be distributed to the bus riders in the morning.

The RFID reader is designed to work with GPS tracking, interfaced to the SmartFleetTM vehicle tracking server. When each bus rider taps a RFID student card on the card reader installed on the bus door, the entries will be entered into the database with the time stamp and sent to parents immediately by email.

Example of information from RFID system

Morning trip

  • 1st email: “Montri Bus is at building/apartment), Soi (name/number) on ‘8/09/2014 06:31’ for (student’s name)
  • 2nd email: “Montri Bus is at ‘NIST’ on ‘8/09/2014 07:10’ for (student’s name)

Afternoon trip

  • 1st email: “Montri Bus is at ‘NIST’ on ‘8/9/2014 16:18’ for (student’s name)
  • 2nd email: “Montri Bus is at (building/apartment) on ‘8/09/2014 16:42 for (student’s name)

Children should tap their RFID student card every time they board and get off the bus in order to have information sent from the RFID system. Montri will offer the new RFID student cards free of charge, though in the case of lost or stolen cards, a charge of 100 baht per card will be applied.

This new development will enhance our safety measures in alignment with many other initiatives that have taken place over the past year to enhance the security of the NIST community. For any further questions regarding the RFID system, please feel free to contact the Montri Customer Service Department at 02-906-0160 ext. 301 – 304 or via email at