Brenda Manfredi

“NIST is one of the best communities that I have ever experienced.”


Without question, the best thing about working at NIST is the students. I have been fortunate to work with such a dynamic population of students here at the school. The levels of diversity and uniqueness that NIST students possess are a refreshing reminder of why I became a school counselor. I have learned so much from listening to them speak about their cultural traditions, experiences and passions.

I hope to see NIST continue to evolve to meet the needs of the students, helping them to become well-rounded holistic learners who have the skills needed to follow their passions, and making sure their life priorities are met. When someone asks what we do as a community to make this happen, I have to answer by posing another question that is much easier to answer: What does NIST do that does not bring the community together? Nothing! NIST is one of the best communities that I have ever experienced. Once a NISTIE, always a NISTIE.