When can I book a school tour?

We ask that you phone or email one to two weeks in advance to make an appointment, as there are certain times of the year when it is very busy.

School tours are reserved for families who are looking for entry to NIST within that school year or to start in the August of the following year. We are not able to take appointments for prospective families more than one year in advance of an application.

Can I bring friends or other family members on the tour?

We believe that choosing a school is very important so would like to individualize your tour. We ask that you keep your appointment to discuss the specific needs of your children and your family and for this reason, do not recommend that school tours are done with friends/ family who are also looking at NIST as a possible school for their children.

What does a group tour involve, and how do I book this?

A group tour is a tour of the school with no more than three families (parents only) per group. The visit is designed to give you an overview of the IB Programmes and of NIST in general as well as the admissions process. Unlike individual tours, group tours can be booked for prospective families more than a year before application.

As it is difficult to visit classrooms in large groups we ask that only the parents of the potential applicant(s) attend.

Please contact admissions for dates of the group tours.